Build Ken Block's Mustang (foto)

Build Ken Block's Mustang foto: speedhunters


w0ziHD: What is the original car?

Greg Collins: I also a hater of using a clean original car...but hey....really cool engineering, Build a hatchback torana in the same concept, would be really really fucking sick. ..popular as...

Ianex 1: 'Foto'

jeff newman: Fabrication on this car is off the chain. That NASCAR ford motor doesn't hurt either!

Kevin Grandke: I love these build videos. I need to do one for my 57 Nomad.

zachary watters: It is an awesome build but I hate that they used a perfectly fine mustang to cut up and turn into it. Why not use one that was rotted out and needed all new metal?

JDMtuner240 2.0: Foto is actually photo just saying

Namhor Helohs: Music name,,?

jay jay: I thought id do this to my mazda rx3 coupe the after watching the video i realised it was a massive task

Fan Boy: Many people say when you drive a mustang you get bad luck but except for ken block his a freaking savage on the road drifting screw logic go for skills

ass eater 2000: im currently talking to the builders. They said in the future that they might be able to build a Hoonicorn RTR for me. Cant wait

Skyline Fabrication: Kinda a pissoff that they started out with a fairly clean looking mustang, just to throw away most of it except the roof and fenders. Just saying they could have used something that was beyond saving, considering how much actual real mustang was needed for the build.

peter greaney: Love the way the transmission and drive line is layed out

Tim-Dominique Frevert: music name

Amazing Vazquez: I thought his was a fastback

U WUT M8?: Not the slickist looking car, but it's bad ass in powerwise

two4twentysam: Sick build. Lucky if mine drives in a straight line. Haha. Nice video.

tanman882: Why the shit music? Fantastic car though