2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 Throttle Position Sensor

Videos every Monday at noon Eastern Time. Instagram: @FullThrottle099 Twitter: @FullThrottle099 Just a quick video to show how to replace the Throttle Position Sensor in your 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6. While you have everything opened up like this, it is a good idea to replace the Air filter (which I did off camera) and clean up the Throttle Body using a spray cleaner (which I also did off camera). The list of error codes I got: P2106 P1295 P2135 P3540 Car started on first try after I got everything put together. I did not get any error codes during the first start or during my short drive around town. Although, that may be due to the battery being disconnected over night. I will check in a few days to see I get any codes again, but I do not expect anything. Please let me know if these instructions were clear enough for you, and leave improved instructions in the comments for others to see. Also, I noticed this sensor gets used in several other Hyundai vehicles with 3.3L engines. Leave a comment for people to see if this is useful for your vehicle if it is different than a Sonata.


Tim Beck: sniff

Michael Powell: Should have shown the whole process. Still somewhat helpful.

Rodney Moore: what made you think the tps was bad? did it just give a code or was there issues with how the car ran? I am asking because I am having issues with my car and believe it may be the tps sensor.

mainty73: Ok, thanks for your help. great video, very informative.

mainty73: took my car to autozone, they read the same code that you listed. they told me to replace the throttle position sensor and reprogram the engine control module. did you have your engine control module reprogram?

Samuel Ballard: Good video. Did this fix your problem? My wife hit a pothole and is now getting the codes you listed. I'm going to attempt your fix tonight.