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Miljan Bojovic: LOL! xD

Aswin A: it's so cool the video is translated simultaneously in Spanish!

Juan: The station dock (the tablet) does offer a boost to wireless connection; however, other than that and a slightly better front camera there is not much more left. And, the keyboard dock has 2 USB 2.0 ports and a full size SD card port.

Juan: Slightly over $600.00.

Matheus Saar: Amazing phone

kennedy m.: i want this phone... not nec the tablet also but, besides the GNex, its d only phone running close to stock ICS...

Ahmed Omar: why snapdragon why not tegra 3 quad core matters

3rd Alternative Channel: @theoneandonly5911 Actually, The pen idea about that! Say you have your phone docked inside the tablet and you received a call. Wouldn't be weirder if you were talking to your tablet if you were in public? I'd rather talk to the pin than shout at the tablet. hehe!

theoneandonly5911: Lmao who would want to talk to a pen in public? :/

ApolyonTheSoulRender: So.. does anyone know which US retailers will carry the device unlocked?

Marq Britt: I'll take a shipment of 5 of these just in case one breaks from over excitement!

masterpsychosis: @schriss2000 well that sounds great, yes i have been with Android since G1.. i suppose moto and htc will be doing this combo innovation pretty soon where you can slide your thin phone into their tablet...

masterpsychosis: @jihg11 so basically its a 10 inch empty shell... well its still i good idea i suppose since they both complement each other.

jihg11: @masterpsychosis no it doesnt its only the screen

masterpsychosis: ok does the tablet works on its own even if you dont have the phone in it?? I would hope so or that wouldnt make sense.. i would assume so since the interface is different on the tablet.

elcamarao: imagine people seeing you talking with a pen! lol

mark72: cool but i dont no about thee pen part

Mohammad Mitwaly: @lightstorm66 WTF???!!!!!!

quintilian: that's what Im talking about. asus is doing it right. I don't want to come home and whip a whole new set of devices just to continue working. everything should be unified

Venomaniac: is this a neat or a need? i still don't see the point of having one myself~ LOLs~ for most of the businessman may considering this Padphone because they reads more emails and do more of their job on the tablet~ for me i only using it as a phone to call and sms people~ XD but i do like the concept or maybe i'll considering buying one once i become full time businessman~ XD

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