Cristiano Ronaldo - The Story So Far Pt. 1

Cristiano Ronaldo - The Story So Far Pt. 1


Márcia Aparecida: CR7

Video Lucu Ngakak: Real madrid butuh kau sang legenda

Pliss ke real madrid

احمد احمد: كرستيانو رونالدو البرتغالي ❤💪⚽😘

Katy Wu: people who disliked the video are dead b/c everything in their brain is messi's poop

Clarence Matol: Name of the song in the intro?? Anyone ?

Trọng Hưng Mandridista: THE LEGEND TODAY

stydio CR7: Ronaldo😀

cristano ronaldo: ILOVEYOU♡♡♡♡ RONALDO

ionel pop: My idol CR7

ionel pop: Nu idol CR7

*THEO.R*: 3:43 Adidas 😂

Cristiano Ronaldo II CR7 II: Love You 😍

hem Army hem NeymarZete: ı love you cr7

Samir Leão: One day ill reach the topi
Ill keep training

Denis 410: My idol CR7!😎😉

Lydia Balsac: OMG 💝💝😍😨

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Manoj Suyal: Ronaldo mean football
Inspiration for Million people
Hard work pays off
Love you Ronaldo

Olvaaan Ibra: Whos here 2018?

gracinda silva: ristiano que venham mais anos para juntar muito s goolos