Basher BADBUG & HellSeeker 1:16 4WD Mini Monster Truck - HobbyKing Product Video


PhilthyCo RC: My hellseeker V2 is a fun lil truck!

CTPRedDog: I have the bad bug it's an awesome little vehicle the only thing is that you got to be careful about driving in very dusty grainy type environment because the gearbox is exposed it has the potential of getting damaged. That's where a can of aerosol cleaner comes in handy.

AJ L: hi
does the rtr version come with a lvc?

Clashy Bashy: Hobby King how long entill u restock the parts for turnigy 1/10 2wd desert buggy

MattacksRC: oil filled shocks on a 1/16 scale. that's not something you see everyday. nice. this basher brand has a pretty good rep too. I've been very pleased with the bz888.

Rc Style: Funny cars!

AbyssFlight: Woot Rebirth of the MT mini!!! been waiting for this!

Adam Just Adam: been waiting for this. i absolutely fell in love with the nitro circus one when i baught it and im definitely getting bad bug when its released. its not the fastest or the toughest rc i have but it is an absolute blast to drive. thanks HK for brining out a monster of a mini monster truck.