GET VLOG L: GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: Camera: Lens for talking shots: Speedbooster for Canon Mount Lenses: Lens for shots of Sam and Burgers: Shots of the Bar/City at Night: Stabiliser: I am excited because I have been checking the damn rumour websites for months waiting for this to finally get released. AND ITS HERE. I have 3 GH4’s so I pre-ordered 3! Copies of V-LOG so that I can get some multi-cam action V-log goodness going. I DID A GH4 V-LOG L TEST. I went out and did some day and night shooting with it - not EXTENSIVE yet - I plan to shoot a wedding with it tomorrow (that will be the real test!) and I really wanted to share my findings with the inter webs soon here it goes! Why Log? - 10 stops vs 12 stops of Dynamic Range - More control in post with look of the final image - You need a LUT (look up table) to convert the footage back to the normal colour space. The priority when creating a LUT is to salvage the dynamic range in the image while also bringing the black/white and saturation levels back to normal. One thing I noticed is that the Varicam LUT that you can download from the panasonic website does not change any of the colours in the image - only the luminance level. I decided to to change that and I’ll go into why right now. Creating my adjustment LUT. When I got the profile I had a play with the V-LOG L to Rec709 LUT supplied by panasonic and while it does the job I thought that it wasn’t really a solid starting point for my grade. Working with other cameras like the A7S, Canon C100 and Canon 5Ds when filming events can be troublesome once you get into post - so my first priority was to to level the colours using a colour chart. I already made an a7s S-Log2 to Rec709 LUT using the same colour chart and process. Keep in mind - when you apply it to the footage in Adobe CC you can always raise the blacks later on the layer underneath so the LUT isn’t destructive so to speak. Here is an example of the input LUT I created in resolve vs the Panasonic V-Log L to Rec 709 for Varicam. The LUT works well at night as well as during the day in very harsh and contrasty light. Today we shot some footage on our way to get burgers at a local burger shop called Ben’s Burgers tucked away in a side alley near our studio. It was a great opportunity to test the profile in challenging lighting situations and with some nice colourful subjects. Later in the night I attended a networking event where I shot some footage in the VERY VERY dark underground cocktail bar. It was super grungy and lit with some strong tungsten downlights. I think the profile did phenomenally given the conditions. Shout out to Ben’s Burgers for the awesome food and I want to shout out my mate Sam Fregonese for being in front of the camera for my test - Here is his Youtube Channel - I went ahead in davinci resolve and created 10 FREE GH4 V-LOG L LUTS of my own for use on my projects. I decided I would upload and share them for you guys and I’ve put the link in the description. In the folder I also included my custom LOG to REC709 converter for you guys to try out! Let me know what you think of it in the comments section and I’d love to hear your findings with V-LOG especially if you are a first time LOG profile user. Here is the link to the LUTS: V-LOG LUTS HERE: [BONUS] Get my custom cinematic LUTS (not for LOG footage): I will be releasing some more CRAZY low light tests from the GH4 V-Log L profile that I shot at a wedding just recently - IT IS SO VERY CLEAN AT HIGH ISO!! Subscribe to be the first to see it when it comes out!


Randall Donadio: So I just used your LUT and I'd like to thank you because it is EXACTLY the look I was going for.

For those who are newbs like me, not only do you have to over expose by 2 stops, but be very careful not to have light directly on the subject if you are using an artificial light source because you can't just use typical lighting and then expose correctly.

Because you have to overexpose, if the light is directly on the subject, it will wash out the skin tones losing the color information you would otherwise bring back normally. Simply bounce your light off the wall, diffuse it more or use a reflector.

cryptocurrent: Dude! I love the price of the cinematic LUTs bonus. Thank you!!! Excellent selections.

Fangshi Zhu: Great work! I have a GH-4/5 V-Log related question: do you tune the contrast, sharpness and saturation numbers down when using V-Log profile? I have a GH4 usually shoot in regular color profile (natural, standard, vivid, etc) with reduced contrast, sharpness and saturation numbers to achieve better dynamic range. Recently, I bought the V-Log profile and an external monitor, and I started using V-Log to shoot (with the same reduced saturation, contrast and sharpness), and apply the display LUT. However, I found the image still looks very flat using applying the LUT. Should I just set all those numbers to zero if I am already using LUT?

spiderBHZ: Thanks!! I could kiss you for sharing!

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Fangshi Zhu: Nice work Mitch. How do you implement that ungraded vs grade horizontal swipe effect in the video?

Donsel Mitchell: How exactly do we use the LUTs after we downloaded from dropbox?

Norbert Krausz: How can i use it on the GH5? The Luts, because i don't know :(

Orange Marley: I find that v-log adds too much noise. Tried to reduce the noise with Pixel Studios Pro Denoise and I didn’t t have great results. I’ll try overexposing.

Orange Marley: Where are you getting your music from? AMAZING! Great video!

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Oliver Mast: The download-Link doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot,

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