FTP Mobile Phone PS Vita Game Transfer and Installation 3.60!

****Phone FTP to PS Vita = Full Game Install**** Just Showing off haha! Got one of my Vpk called Little Big Planet – Marvel…Shhhh! Used phone to Transfer file size 1.48GB took 1 hour and 6 min Took about 30 minutes to Install the game with the PS Vita Wait for Example It’s AWESOMEEE!!! Later Gamers! Subscribe, Like, Comment If you wish to help the Channel 😉 - https://paypal.me/GamersRebirthDL Check out GamersRebirthDL for more news and updates (@GamersRebirthDL): https://twitter.com/GamersRebirthDL?s=01 ***************************** FALLOUT 4 Mods & Amazing Computer Graphics Check This Channel Out!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/joshyosh20


XpertsLab: App u use

Jeffrey Labasan: What website do you download the game on your phone?(:

ammar alyasiri: how to install Vitashell

Amsyar Nafiq: how you connect with you phone

Nuke Nurjanah: what link download this game bro

Patrick Embuscado: what app did you use

Team Orca Garage: Sorry Apple.. 😂🤗

RainierOC: how to dowload littel big planet plssssss

zahid jamali: From where you downloading psvita full vpks please and thanks im waiting 4 psp games in henkaku

miggy cana: How to use this if you're an iPhone user? Ty

Hubaib m: How can i transfer with iphone ??

DarknessOnDex: make a tutorial on how to play PSP game Roms on 3.60

Light Lucilfer: good day sir im having trouble removing the Debug utility i tried everything delete bubbles, uninstall-reinstall and i can't even replace the file shelf or delete it and i format my vita 5 times the debug utility is still there i cant remove it.... This is my major prob ryt now hope u know how to fix this...

Luffy Roronoa: hi I'm fallow every step i install vpk game successfully with vitashell game run perfectly but if power off and later I'm power on the game not run I think to dump with vitamin but no show nothing any games 0 games found why? vpk is in directory of psvita ux0 but on vitamin not show nothing please help...sorry for the English but I'm Italian guy I'm speak look alike Mario (super mario) ahah I rescyou you princess your nightmare is very overr (family guy parody) vi prego aiutatemi

Zukrin Hr: marvelous man!

DarknessOnDex: once again love u man I figured out how to change icons for anything by editing it on my phone then sending it back to vita and replacing XD u got a Kik man?