Intel i5 SSD Autocad test speed

In this video I test the 3rd gen i5 on Autocad In 6:27 I meant duo cpu set up, not duo core cpu.


Ben Hand: @ProcadWorks Jr

if my laptop (Core i 5-2410M,Ram 4 GB , Intel HD Graphics 3000)
Can SSD make autocad perform with no hesitation ?

nakaroxx: you should install a video card, doesn't need to be a high end one. but to make bigger advantage of the i5 power whitout using gpu onboard, i5 becomes much better

charlietwohats: Hi i just wonderd what GHz spped the chip you are using has, is it the 3.0 GHz , 3.20 GHz or 3.40 GHz? Thanks

ProcadWorks Jr: no video card at all. 8gb 1600 memory

Ismael dos Santos: what is your video card please and memory