How To Root LG Devices Using Kingroot

Disclamer: Just because this worked for me doesn't mean that it will work for you. I know that my R's sound like a W but i have speech issues so it is what it is. I am also not responsible for what happens to your device due to this video so proceed at YOUR own RISK! This tutorial will show you how to root your LG Android Devices using kingroot. Note on this video i was on 5.1.1 so i was able to root sucessfully with no problem but that will differ with different LG devices and android versions. If you are unable to root just leave a comment down below with the device name and android version. For Example "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 7.0.1, it says it can't find a root plan." Links: kingroot - Steps: 1. Download kingroot from the link above 2. Go to settings and make sure "unknown sources" is enabled or else it won't work 3. Install the kingroot app, if you get a message saying that "unknown sources" is disabled refer back to step 2. 4. If you get a message saying that the app is dangerous just click on more details and pick "install anyways (unsafe)". if you pick not to install it than you can't continue with the tutorial. 5. Download root checker from the play store and open it. 6. click on "verify root" than a message should pop up saying should it allow the app permission and pick "allow" than it will tell you that you have obtain root and your device is rooted! IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO PLEASE COMMENT, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER GREAT ROOTING TUTORIALS IF YOU NEED HELP COMMENT DOWN BELOW OR SEND ME A MESSAGE YOU CAN LIKE, FOLLOW AND TWEET YOUR QUESTIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS HERE Facebook - Twitter - Website -


StephyWephy: I'm trying to root my daughter's LG Rebel 3... Rootchecker says that it's improperly installed, what now >:(

EehIa: Lg aristo 2 and says cant root and i unlock ed the bootloader and says root not properly installed

Louis Johnson: Can you help me with LG K8

Kweli Domena: Lg fortune 6.01

spice time: It just keeps saying app not installed

suske1 suske2: i have lg k8 itried to rooted using this methood it doesnt working

Hazard x Slayer: Does it work for lg k20

Dodo_ 987: Can you please show me how to root my "LG 10 K?"

PCREG: dont go in my phone xdddd: Lg Q6

Bakugou can get it: LGMS 210 System 7.0. Says the root doesn't work.

MADMAR CHANNEL: i am using LG G6 android 7.0 but i canot root it using kingroot pls..bell me thank you.

bigfreckinturtle: It doesn't show a "try root" button. I'm on LG K4, help.

Megan Ough: I have an lgk10 and it won't root for me :/

Senpai vlogs: Pls how to root lgk10

STABBY: Does this work on LG ARISTO 2

Autorium: Will this work on lg k10?

Zach.Smead 86: Lg aristo 7.0 cannot download king root

FBI: Does the LG Aristo work?

los locos: What about LG 2

Raniel Cacot: How about lg k10?

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