How To Jailbreak Your PS3 With ( New PS3Exploit TOOLS V2 2018 )

Want To Earn More Youtube Revenue? Join the Freedom Family --- --------------------------------------------------------------------- MinVerChk ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ( USE MY Miniweb PS3Xploit 2.0 Tools ) How To Jailbreak Your PS3 With ( New PS3Exploit TOOLS V2 2018 ) ALL FATS AND SOME SLIM 20xx/25xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To identify Your PS3 For Jailbreak Exploit 4.82 ||Very Easy 2018 || --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rebug 4.81.2 REX 4.82Syscon OR Official Rebug -------------------------------------------------------------------------- python ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------- py checker tool OR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Easier And Faster Jailbreak Method ---------------------------------------------- Psx- place Xploit Page ---------------------------- Q: when will there be a CFW or a HEN type of hack for newer ps3 models? A: CFW (Custom Firmware): Not Possible HEN (Homebrew Enabler): you may be able to use homebrew (even backup managers) later on. The devs are working on it and they won't be faster or release it earlier because you ask. The PS Vita / PlayStation TV use a HEN exploit (HENkaku) to give you a idea on what a HEN is for those of you who have followed the Vita Scene. You will here it first here and from the official home of the PS3Xploit Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----Copyright Disclaimer---- Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS3 in this video is SLIM 2001b


Muha mmad: I have a ps3 superslim cech4004a
Framware 4.83
Can i jailbreak it with a e3 flasher

Amin Momtaheni: I can not download your miniweb?

will freeman: for anyone who had a problem dumping the nor, nand, etc where it would fail. use these steps!!!
1. Set the nand/emmc dumper web page as homepage in the ps3 browser.
2. Close the browser
3. Start the browser & initialize the exploit.

Trif Aloialone: Hi. I have to be on 4.82 OFW to do this or i can still jealbreak now i am on 4.31OFW?

Little Romeo: Can we do on ps3 super slim too ?

gilang prayoga: it works for ps3 25xx firmware 4.80?

Wave KLR: It works, but if i want go online, it ask me to do the update from internet.. what i have to do??

Anton Johansson: I got an warning on ROS0 HASH. Should i just do the NAND dump until it is no warning?


THEGRAITEST SHOWMAN: Didn't work for me I done the step by step 2x

الكترونيك lamidon: Do you have super slim

Pham Nguyen Thuy: No format usb ??

Lenni Fernandez: my Ps3 keeps freezing

Joshua Bradford: Even after successfully applying the patch my PS3 doesn't notice CFW when I try to install it any suggestions on why that might be.

george dall: HOW TO FIND DUMP FILE ?

TecH KK: How to do live stream in PS3 without pc

Cursinal: Who's there to play p3 games on rpcs3?

Dante Inferno: Does it work for cech 3003a now?

joker: 10:04 no dump file on my USB but this shit says success

Lajos Balkányi: Thank you :)

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