FSX / P3D Review - FlySimWare Learjet 35A

Novawing24 takes to the skies in the FlySimWare Learjet 35A. Possibly the most distinctive business jet design of all time arrives in both P3D and FSX. Stemming from a failed Swiss designed fighter-bomber the Learjet became the most widely recognized business jet and indeed defined the type of aircraft for generations to come. FlySimWare capture the beauty of the design along with its complexity. How will this translate into simulation? Find out now! Thanks to PC Aviator Australia for the review copy of this add-on. Available now from www.pcaviator.com.au or your favourite online Flight Sim retailer. Find me on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/novawing24 Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/novawing24 This video contains the following content used under CC3.0: "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Daniel Guerrero: nice i live in Brissy too. The beacon light bleeds into the cabin

Vitor Lucas Gonçalves: What camera setting is that? lol ughf

Rob Curley: What is this running on?

Frank Safranek: Replacing mouse-clicks with keys or buttons https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/491894-replacing-lear35a-mouse-clicks-with-keys-or-buttons/

Glider FS: Is that a freeware ?

John Doe: The bottom panel could be a lot simpler if some of the switches were put on the overhead.

1080Kevin: what are your addons please:)

Laura Godoy: Nice video, any weather radar returns as16 weather?

walter riely: Great tutorial but inaccurate sometimes with multiple non std actions. EG. you have to release the door motor once the upper half handle is closed that way the upper half can be opened in an emergency. The start sequence was incorrect.

JIMJAMSC: I watched 1/2 the vid before realizing I have the Lionheart 24B.

Антон Бешенов: in my gtn750 i have no working COM1 on vatsim or ivao. how i can fix it?) plz help

Olav Moldestad: great if you can shut up a while so its posible ho hear the sunds

Антон Бешенов: how you install this weather radar? can you share this addon?

Monsieur Longbow: how for the love of god do you enter a flightplan other than doing D-> ?!

British Kid: can you use the aircraft if you dont have the addon GPS and no weather addons (just default)? im thinking about getting it as it will be my first Bizjet for FSX (have mainly commercial (PMDG, Aerosoft) and a couple A2A aircraft)

bigtall: Great review! Bought this aircraft because of it. How did you deploy the thrust reverses? Do you have them mapped to a key or button? I can't find a good way of deploying them. HELP!

Kab Samu: Can you talk faster maybe?

Bob K: I have this a/c and it's one of my favorites to fly. A little bit of a learning curve but well worth the effort. Highly recommended. Using the Flight 1 GTN 750 is a must.

deliveryguy1970: Nice job on the review. 5 stars!

Just so you know in P3D it's best not to use the option that makes the textures bright. The pilots and panels look worse than FSX. I forget the name of the option. If your trying to capture the GPS flight plan you must be within 2 miles, you do not have to line up. To make a choice for installation of what GPS you use would make the installer exe twice the size. The reason we use this weather radar is the other do not supply coding for the 3D functions. So we just supply a way for you to add your own if you own another version. The autopilot master from the keyboard can now be used in a later version we released. But you must have the master switch on first. Hope this info helped out!

We just finished our tutorials as some mentioned we did not have any. Sorry for the delay but the guy who makes them was busy and i had to wait.

Therion018: I was actually kind of disappointed with the lack of documentation with this addon. They don't really include any real tutorials (just some small ones that tell you how to start the engines). It looks pretty, but it's been "hangared" for me.

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