64x32 RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino

RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino You can find the schema & code on project page, below is the link: https://arduino-projects-free.blogspot.com/2018/09/rgb-led-matrix-clock-with-arduino.html Great Projects : 64x32 RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino https://youtu.be/7Zh28yrgBWY https://youtu.be/EX2l2IE7zqQ MAX7219 RTC DS1307 dht11 led matrix clock Arduino https://youtu.be/p_rwHtxfT_c Atmega328p-pu bootloader and sketch Uusing arduino UNO https://youtu.be/C3yy1tylwbU Bootloader Atmega328p-pu Problem solved https://youtu.be/2ZqY0Zcz8lg How To Burn Arduino Bootloader and sketch for ATMEGA8 ? https://youtu.be/eX4m_YXit9U Burn bootloader and sketch on ATMEGA8L-8PU ! https://youtu.be/UeTz8el6VhE Oscilloscope with arduino nano https://youtu.be/qi6I_ULpD1Y How to Make a LED Cube with ATMEGA8 ? https://youtu.be/nmwNVSvuEdg How to Make a calculator with arduino pro ? https://youtu.be/yG3A5zUebfE How To Program An Arduino Pro Mini with Arduino Nano ? https://youtu.be/wldg81WFuCA how to receiving IR codes from IR Remote Control ? https://youtu.be/4-bLRKpzxg0 How To Control LED with IR Remote Control + Arduino ? https://youtu.be/KNCv9uGSJV0 DHT11 sensor with an Arduino nano - v3 + 4 Digit 7 segment ! https://youtu.be/fAuzLD3VvwQ Color Sensor TCS230 TCS3200 ! https://youtu.be/EXleYHpCIUI Clock & weather station on lcd 5110 ! https://youtu.be/Eue0KIhQpU0 lcd 5110 ultrasonic sensor project ! https://youtu.be/Bd7GJULXVvo driver Arduino uno Ch340 + how to install ? https://youtu.be/BxMsOeJ3e9M arduino nano driver + how to install ? https://youtu.be/x7yVpOKyYLg Product link: https://www.banggood.com/LED-Matrix-P3-RGB-Pixel-Panel-HD-Video-Display-64x32-LED-Screen-Module-2121SMD-Spectrum-p-1353167.html?p=DI08021745701201506U https://www.banggood.com/32X64-Assembled-Colorful-Music-Spectrum-LED-Light-Display-Dot-Matrix-Board-p-1321582.html?p=DI08021745701201506U temperature Displayed on 4 Digit 7 segment ! https://youtu.be/asO5k7Ur0n0 4digit 7segment Pin Details ! https://youtu.be/tvXhndKaMSo 64*32 P4-256*128-2121-A2 RGB Matrix p4 with arduino mega 64x32 RGB Matrix p4 with arduino mega DS1307 Real Time Clock 64x32 rgb led matrix arduino 64x32 rgb led matrix arduino code matrice led rgb arduino rgb matrix with arduino 64x32 rgb led matrix 4mm pitch 64x32 rgb led matrix panel (4mm pitch) 64x32 rgb led matrix 6mm pitch matrice led arduino fabriquer matrice led matrice a led fonctionnement rgb matrix with arduino rgb led matrix 64x32 rgb led matrix 6mm pitch Adafruit 64x32 RGB LED Matrix 64x32 rgb led matrix 4mm pitch rgb led matrix arduino rgb matrix with arduino mega 32x64 led matrix Connecting LED Matrix with Mega 2560 R3 32*64 led matrix


Anonymer und total unzutreffender Kanal nix: hey i would like to do this project as a school project would you recommend that to me? (I'm fourteen)

fungamez0ckt ƚҽαɱ ʂσɳɳҽ ʅҽαԃҽɾ: I dont need an extra power supply, do I? Does the USB cable gives me enough Power? And do i need a 5 v or 12 v Power Supply because on my arduino Mega 2560 stands that it needs 7 - 12 v and it converts to 5v. PLS answer fast. THX

Md. Hossain: how do you set the time and date?

Louie Kotler: I want to daisy chain 5 of these display together. Is there a way to use multiple arduinos and have one input into another?

German Alvizo: how do you set the time and date?

Elektronik Atölyem: Excellent project

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