Lanard The Corps elite 2017 The Rock Mountain Playset Review

Today I take a quick look at the New playset from the Lanards Corp Elite The Rock Mountain play set. ps sorry if the sound is a little low as we have visitors atm and was trying not to disturb them while I recorded the video.


Alberto Salceda: I seen one like this but with 2inch armymen

Sturmdude: I have the Jurassic Clash version of this. It looks like it omits the missile bay, crane, and the ladders, which is a shame really. On the other hand, it does come with some fencing, netting, different vehicles, better figures, and the T-Rex and Cyber-Kong figures respectively. I wish there was a way to get the ladders, missile silo, and crane to go on mine.

Leonard Wong: where are these toys made in? pretty innovative! A good Gijoe rip off.!!

College football Kid LSU!: Where can you find this

Alberto Salceda: It would be cool if they did playsets for the 3inch army guys

Doc Holiday: Loving your videos!~

Sage Forsaken: We are still waiting for this years corps figures stateside.

Ohim Leyesh: I picked up the 2 J-Clash sets a while back and built a Rock. I missed out on the rocket's and ladders. : ( Thankx for uploading & sharing.

neapolitanjoe: Great review!

magnificentfungizoids: Saw your picks on joedios. Glad you picked one up. To be honest coming from a Joe fan I would spend my money on this over that sdcc cobra missile base any day.

Andrew Cramer: The pilot is Condor, the green guy is Rucker, Rain has the ponytail and Bolder is the bald guy