2010 Prius Bleeding Brakes

This is how I bleed the brakes and clear ABS/,VSC error codes after servicing the brake system. The same procedure works on a gen 2 Prius (2004-2009)


emil solano: how did the car not roll backwards, are the E-brakes applied at the front or rear?

к harimarily: Зачем включено эко?

urbanturbine: What happens if you just bleed without this method or invalid mode? Just old school way? You can't bleed at all or do you get error codes?

skorpyo33: Cant u just put it in invalid mode?

Bud Gillespie: I'm looking for a video on how to change the brake accumulator for 2011 Prius 3rd generation.

aali1996: Can you help me? (Please!)I took my Prius 2010 2 days back for Oil change to Toyota Dealer in OBT, Orlando. They said my brakes are critically bad (at level 3). So I agreed to get replace pads as stated. Paid $200+. Next day, the dashboard shows all ABS, BRAKE and an other light. I took it back to dealer and he says the ABS ACTUATOR is bad and costs me over $3000. I absolutely feel it's some wrong steps taken during the brake pads changing process. Consulted a friend mechanic and he says the bleeding process probably was not done right. The car is still with the dealership and I'm fighting for them to take care of the issue and is not my car's fault. Can you help further? (I'm planning to talk to Service manger + General Manager + Toyota in that order).THANK YOU.

Suds7711: Priuschat link to the procedure https://priuschat.com/threads/replacing-brake-fluid-and-bleeding-brakes-on-a-gen-ii-prius-without-techstream.152808/

Mr Trash Panda: This guy is saving people thousands of hard earned $$$ Thank you sir

Michael Rivera: Good instructions. Gen II is similar. We just replaced right rear wheel/brake cylinder and had to bleed and clear abs codes using the jumper wire method. Had to bleed using pedal pump and hold, so it takes more time

1Noisycricket: Thanks sir!

Michael Campbell: Very helpful (THANK YOU) took 3 times; last time I unplugged the master cylinder wiring, and the procedure worked great. 2006 Prius.

Bálint Székely: Thanks Ivan, worked on my 2004/11 gen2 Prius! I removed the two ABS-motor relays and did the bleeding on the front wheels. To clear the error code I had to push the pedal quickly and more than 8 times.

Vadim Prunici: What about bleeding at 07 camry hybrid? can you do the same procedure?

Roger Parker: I found this link online with instructions on how to bypass the ECB without a scan tool. It worked exactly as described. A couple of tips: you may know that you can turn the accessories on in a Prius without starting the car by pressing the start button without pressing the brake, that is what is done here. Also, when the instructions say MORE than 8 times, it means 9 or more. 8 doesn't work. I followed these instructions, bled conventionally, reset by hitting the start button once to turn off. file:///C:/Users/Roger/Downloads/Prius%20Brake%20Bleed%20(1).pdf

E Le: will it work after changing out a Abs brake pump on a 2006 Highlander Hybrid

Renzo Gutierrez: Anybody know where can I buy that little jumper cable or what can I use instead of it?

hktrucker: need to change my rear caliper.......what would happen if i just flush it the traditonal way without going thru this?

Friedhelm Augstein: I have a 2008 and can you tell me if this will work on the front brakes on it?

Maria Mendoza: hey, why is it that the 2010 Prius doesn't stop when you hit the breaks?

Friedhelm Augstein: Did you bleed the front calipers the same way on the second gen. The actuators I was told are only the rear brakes.