Edf vasyfan 135mm 14 blades 11kg thrust lipo 12S

Edf vasyfan 135mm prototype 14 blades carbon airex , Outrunner big motors 650kw ,lipo zippi compact 4x 5800A 6S 25C , Esc dlux 250A , thrust 11kg, 150A+ 6000w+ http://www.vasyfan.com/ info@vasyfan.com


philip cross: why is there no pricing on their site, don`t they want people to buy from them, or do they just want to waste people time by offering something but charge so much others can beat them.

Q Turn: Wow this setup is rrally great

Andrzei Czajkowski: Are you selling 135mm fans ? Your website shows 128mm is the biggest you have ?

Michael: efficiency in comparison to an open motor design?

Gordon Freeman: So you're telling me that that's an 8 hp motor and it only generates 11kgf of thrust...

Tim Newman: 6000w, 11kg thrust. That's 1.9g/watt. The blade number is killing it. Go back to 7 or 9 and you'll get 2.5g/W.

Roxanna Mason: I need a your 135 or TP POWER 144mm EDF All-Alloy CNC Aluminum 12S (14S, 16S, etc) w/ Inrunner Motor, call Ken 530-613-5283 PDT

DD bhaha: 6kw? wtf shockingly inefficient!!

AERO-TESLA AIRCRAFT: Thumbs up! What does the motor equate to in "CCs"? Thank you!

cosh row: if anyone on here can design me a 60 kg to 100kg thrust edf that is anywhere from 200mm to 400mm in diameter , that is light weight i will pay £££££££££ please contact me by leaving a response to this message .
I will be able to pay for the working designs via paypal.
Thank you
Cosh Row
London United Kingdom

Roxanna Mason: How do I buy one?

Kevin Vila: What does the 's' mean? I always see 3s, 4s, 6s and so forth. Been trying to understand the terminology for my personal understanding

RRrrRRrrlandfin: Dear lord +6kw to this tiny motor and it didn't smoke!

Serge Campeau: What is this motor and what is the maximum speed?

peter schiller: more... you have to tune it. 50 kg thrust minimum.

the Hacksmith: Not bad! 14S would get you 14kg?

Daniel Dollive: you are feeding a brushless motor a intresting amount of power.. now try to incorporate a good quality capacitir bank to dump more energy daster then the battery can, i think you will be shocked at performance to weight.

t00xtr3m3: Hi, do you know which maximum static pressure this turbine (or other edf) can build up? Thanks

Alex Grimal: 11kg out 6000 watt is not impressing at all. actually is quite poor..

Rhyan Derrick Franche-Paningasan: what motor do you use for that?