Caselabs Magnum TH10 Case Review

A detailed look at the Caselabs Magnum TH10. This is currently one of the biggest of the Caselabs cases, although far larger cases are being released shortly. It's a double wide case and fits right up to the HPTX form factor. It fits dual power supplies and has a removable motherboard tray. The case is constructed completely of aluminium and is partially modular. There is a selection of different accessories for each of the Caselabs cases, so that you can customize your case how you want it. This case is a water-coolers and high end hardware enthusiasts dream. It can fit any extreme water-cooled system that money can buy. Please Subscribe, Like and Favourite if you want to see more. Caselabs Website:


Ardent Dfender: Ordered this case from Caselabs the TH10A a few weeks ago, it will finally arrive on Tuesday to start working on my build. Fun times ahead.

iamthewizard2: does anybody know if this case comes with fan filters?

Bacawaka: If you was to overload that thing with radiators. Is it possible to run a high end system with no fans. Assuming worst case scenario like a garage during summer and when fully overloaded.

SteezyOtis: So help me out here, doesn't it seem that the side with the drive bays should be on the right side of the case and the ventilated half be on the left side? That way the motherboard side of the case can be fed fresh air from the front, and the side with the bays could be with the power supply and wires. Is that not more efficient?

CalinStrimbu: can i fit my dick there?

kevin russell: There is a case even bigger then this the tx10-d

HipsterPanda: does an nvidia gtx 660 fit there ??

Tiny w: i want to build a two in one build with a gaming machine and server. I really like this case but you can't get a "duality" set up like the mountain mods cases,. shame really the build quality on this thing looks far better.

Peter Wong: What size filter are you using on the Flexbay side at the end of the video?

Jacob Swinton: Beastly.

GisterkillerTech: i would put the 120mm top on it and get the bottom ext for it

JayLikesSoda: Now they have the TX10

JayLikesSoda: WeAreTwoDoorsDown if you did that your case would probably cost more than your system

cristian333fx: i can be you friend

Kenny Glimme: *craftsmanship *you're *It's@stinger15au

stinger15au: Something like this is 10x easier to work on, and has 10x the options. Yes its expensive, but its worth it for a few reasons. 1)It looks fantastic in the same way an Audi does, subtle. 2)Noone is going to put anything less then 4k of hardware in one. 10-15% of the build budget in a case is just fine. 3)The craftsman ship is of the highest quality. 4)At this level your in the far reaches of the enthusiast with the income to back it up. Its not for everyone.

Joe Mladic: I got this Case and its HUGE, MASSIVE, u can fit a small Asian person in side. :D

RefleX525: Im hoping those wheels come off

Aviation Technology Space Channel: @SingularityComputers can i fit a alpacool monsta 480 rad 80mm thick in the rightside front ?

prayerpolice: Can you assemble the the front panel upside down so that the 5.25" bays are on the right side and the fan mesh is the the left? Or the the middle compartment (motherboard tray and wall) separator be in the way behind the bays?