How to pair Jabra BT2045 Watch the "Hands-on with Jabra Support" tutorial video. In this video we will show you how to pair and connect your Jabra BT2045 with your mobile phone, for first time and later pairing.


Rahul Das: Not support in Samsung Galaxy j2pro

Rahul Das: Not save in phone

Manikant kumar Mani: Connect hone ke baad v audio recive nhi hota hai

BuzzFX: What if i turn it on and the blue light didnt stay still but flashes

Christopher: How do I pair Jabra BT2045 with Windows 10? Windows 10 Bluetooth is not listing out Jabra BT2045.

Md.Alamgir hosen Rahman: Only calling why music

The_ BigDevil: Why I can't connect jabra with oppo f7 plz help me

marc estigoy: It can be connected but making a sound or music when i play a music on my iphone... please answer me. I really need it

MOHAN RAJ: Not connected in my redmi 4 mobile

FicipXD: IT dosen't work with Lenovo K6 Note. That's sad

tadiospdo: Eu consigo conectar ao bletooth, mais o som nao sai no aparelho jabra o que eu faço?

Shanza Bari: How can I use my Jabra BT 2045 with 2 devices... It only connects with noir S6 ...I have tried many time to disconnect it from my phone or connect it with Samsung or Huawie but it doesn't shows. Plz annwer me.

Dhruv Ahuja: not connecting on htc 816

Fanderst Bongers: Is it compatible with blackberry?

Teresa Bernardo: Thank you for your so verry happy because it is connected now i wait for many years to connect to my phone thanks.

leorosa: Does this have the same voice quality as the Plantronics 628 wired? And is this paireable with IPhone5?

MOHAN RAJ: Hi dear
My mobile jabra
wireless Bluetooth headphones is not working, actually I forget once, and now it's not working please help me How to reconnect...

j. zeen tv: So noob

Roberrtto USUC: Goes on android ?

summer joy: thx. i was stuck with my own