Axial AX90047 SCX10™ II 2000 Jeep® Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR

AX90047 Axial SCX10™ II 2000 Jeep® Cherokee The SCX10™ has been the vehicle of choice for scale trail fun! For the past 8 years the SCX10™ has been the staple vehicle platform for scale trail enthusiasts around the world. Axial was one of the first companies to embrace R/C rock crawling and the first to mass produce a scale trail truck. Axial has been watching trends, tirelessly testing, and experimenting to create the next evolution of the SCX10™. The SCX10™ II is the culmination of many years of development, furthering aesthetic realism while maximizing trail performance. The next generation of SCX10™ is here, now available in a fully assembled, ready-to-run version! Jeep, the Jeep grille and related logos, vehicle model names and trade dress are trademarks of FCA US LLC and used under license by Axial Inc. © 2016 FCA US LLC. BFGoodrich® Tires and All-Terrain T/A® KO2 Trademarks are used under License from Michelin NOTE: Prototype shown. Some imagery may differ from the actual product. Follow Axial Racing Website: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Amirhossein Fereidunian: Please fire the guy who chose clip's music.

Steven Minarchin: What song is that it sounds so familiar

Pickle: Anyone know how long the battery lasts in this thing?

kevin tellez: I have one just like it

RC Play Ground: nice video

Hands_On: is the song made just for the video? lets get an artist name out there people!

Crawlerlife RC: good morning...i have a question..this car..can use a Proline Flat Iron 1.9 XL?...thanks for your comments...

Richard Flaviani: this is the worst video i have seen i looks like a 12 year old shot it and thats even to mich the truck is always half cut off and barely center of the screen

Romariobib: Машина класс! Музыка гавно...

Gilles X: more scale trail . bad driver

Hadin Pauley: Good job I needed a rtr

Carlos Smith: guys rtr's are like automatic transmissions..
many people dislike them.. but there are many that enjoy driving an automatic or rtr.. and there are others that would rather drive a manual or kit

Point is that as you might like the kit, well there's a kit, so buy a kit. If you like rtr's then there it is a rtr.. so buy an rtr :)

Carlos Smith: hey at least its waterproof.. compared to the scx10's

JRodz RC: but same tranny as the original scx10 has right now js

Jack Lange: Can't wait to get mine

Jo Suie: Where's the roof racks?

Sgt Reynolds: Missing $410 from my account 😉...links look a lil cheaper than the kit version but i machine my own anyway

Abgecrawlt: I like the Color👍👌

BUILTLIGHTWOUNDTIGHT: Going to be needing a few of these for testing, well more like flogging 😈 Really wanting to 1410 1Y 3'800KV this Beast, going to be running 12/93ish & will sort out the gearing as I test...

BUILTLIGHTWOUNDTIGHT: RTR =AWESOMENESS!!! well everything but the junk Servo, going to have to replace it first thing!!! But the ESC/MOTOR TX/RX, is AWESOME!!! love the Steel Link's, love the old school AX10 slush box!!! Really hoping the new tires are as good as my favorite "RIPSAW" Tires... Also love the stocker Shocks!!! Love the weight savings of the "RTR"!!! ;} Very EXCITING TO GET MY HANDS, ON THIS BEAST!!!!!!