JP Super Light Wind.wmv

Whit Lion Windsurfing JP Super Light Wind Test


WarbirdPylonRacer: Where are you that it is so smooth?

Names: cool video : )

thewhitelion1: maybe 28 knots...

Heidi 278: how much speed do you achieve in these winds?

SportSoulLife: which light wind board would you recommend if my weight is 60 kg?

Wavelikes: nice

JAAPIOJO: Ultrasonic is better.

RobbinBosma: This is my favourite windsurfing video!! AWESOME!!

Joan Gil: thank you

thewhitelion1: 110Kg :)

Joan Gil: can you tell me your weight?

thewhitelion1: Hi Elmo, not as nice to pump as a 7.8 but plenty of grunt in the lulls when planing!

WindsurfingMuppet: Nice work Tim, I've been wanting to get me a bigger sail and seeing the 9.5 on the SLW has definitely confirmed it

Ersteller: impressive

thewhitelion1: 9.5 RS Slalom MkIII , wind 8-14 knots :-)

pixelpedro: nice, what size sail u got rigged in what wind conditions?

sartheast: Elle en a dans le ventre dite donc !