The TRUTH revealed! What I used to catch blocks with Amazon Flex tutorial!

How to set up your iPhone settings to catch blocks with Amazon Flex. Step by Step tutorial. Buy Pegg here!:


Rand0m Vids: Hey you guys sorry I haven’t responded to your comments. This video is outdated. I hear Amazon has a new way of catching blocks. I am no longer Amazon employee therefore I do not know the new system or how it works.

uknow who: This is only outdated because in order to accept a block you not have to swipe to either the left or the right, as opposed to just tapping. Great info nonetheless.

J Montana: No wander why you got fired you were stealing all the block and can’t complete it all by your self lol you suppose to accept one block per day not 2 or 3 blocks at the time

Ramiro Menéndez: thanks youuuuu ..‼️ you great..‼️

Frank Burdo: Are you sure your mom wants you playing with her phone or does amazon hire 4th graders now?

Tone: Why’d you get deactivated??

Alex Shikula: This wont work anymore... at this point you need a nerd to be compeditive

Jose Duarte: Why is the volume to low on the video?

Dc Dc: How’d you get your wall like that

Toriey Allen: Hello Rand0m Vids, thanks for the tips. It's now July 2018 and of course they have caught onto our systems of getting blocks and now we have to swipe the accept button to the right to pick up/accept blocks. I'm not sure if anyone has listed a solution for this update, and I'm not sure if that device you're advertising will even work since they made the updates... Incase someone inquires about the change. Thank you and sorry you're not with Amazon anymore, if that is the case. They suspended me too at one point but eventually reinstated me after about 4 months. Good Luck!

Kevo: Seattle has some fine black women!

dippster357: The system is rigged against the drivers! right now if you become a driver you will not last their long, due to the fact they short their drivers pay with this block system, The only way you can get Amazon's attention is for everyone to stop driving for them by boycott their labor practice and tell people to stop buying from Amazon! And GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Adriana Campero: My dad used to like to do amazon flex, but then people that cheat liek this ruined it for him, by not sharing the the blocks, and he sadly stopped doing it because of people like you, is thank you so much girl !! Teach more people how to cheat, so they can ruin more people’s job like my dads, because he actually works without cheating !!

HM Creations: Wouldn't you be deactivated if you use this

Victor B: so you are not working with them? maybe because Amazon detect you are using this cheat way and terminate you.

Italian81: "How to get fired by cheating the system." What a LOSER!!

Nomads Zanzibar: hi

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Natelly Peou: I can't hear you.

Kay Belay: Lol splash emoji 2:14

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