Jazz Hauling Silage To The Farm

A lot of people been asking for another video of her, and now she's back. Jazz Hauling silage to the farm in a new holland t7.200 and bailey trailer. Somerset


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1topfueldrag: pretty big operation it looks like

Victor Manuel Marron Cordero: Que envidia de trabajo ojala pufiera estar asi como la chica todo el dia en el mundo tractorista saludos desde asturies

Егор Семенов: Просто загляденье, класс

Ja Kub: More this video !!! :D ;) thanks

Tea Jay: Very different then the tractors i grew up driving in the late 80s early 90s, they had not joysticks or computers just, levers, switches, crappy heater amd radio/cassette

rudever2: Епать, у них на тракторах даже рации стоят. Коробка передач на джойстике, а не между колен драть рычаг. Девка отъехала и сразу второй встал на погрузку, не минуты простоя.

Muhammad Waseem: hi

Rusty Kady: Jazz you are awesome. I like you. Keep doing what you do.

Sudama Dhania: Nice

UDubFootballFan: This is exactly like Farming Simulator 17.

BEAR CHANNEL: Sweet Girl with big maschines nice

Nase akras: T7 new holland schik schik 😘👍

AH Syndrome: shes instagram???

christophe chomaud: And,jazz hauling in the kitchen

James Bond: OH SHIT I'AM CUMMING .......

Robert Lee: Now that’s a hard working woman she knows how to drive that thing better than most women drive on the street

About Me: Advance of Male Invented technology allows Woman to do any task that that can be done by 14 year old boy. We invent this technology to finally enslave females!

Jared Heer: Damn!!!Your a bad chick

gary betancour: Muy bella ❤️