Troubleshooting and repairing Hisense 50H5G


leon johnson jr: Mainboard problem

clark celcius: i have this one, the symptom is no backlight, i located the burnt leds and replaced them, now when i turn on the tv, the back light keep turned for 3 minutes then it turn off for 5 seconds the the back light come back to turn on for 2 minutes and turn off for 5 seconds and so on, i realized the problem is in the driver circuit. have you repaired this before?

tulsamike3434's ATC MC Shop: I have the same tv but the red light will com on when pluged in but when you hit the power on it flashes a few times but no pictures it just goes back to stanby mode with the little red light on? any ideas?

Xavier McCullers: I’m having similar trouble with my Hisense TV also. It won’t turn on. The red light stays solid when it’s plugged up then when you hit the power button it flashes 10x max and just stops then the red light goes off. This just happened two days again. It wasn’t blinking on or off or anything. I went to sleep got back up and was experiencing this issue with this same Model Number. Any suggestions or Solutions I can use to fix this problem.???

Bryan Mena: Hi, do you have any links to the led driver chip ?

Roldan Rivera: Hi, I have the same power supply (HLL-4855WT) on a TV Hisense 50H7C model. Have NO standby light, I just already opened and measure voltages.... have the 12VDC and 17VDC present but no others voltages. Not see any burned pieces... Please do you have a diagram of this power supply or could you give me a hint on what to check.... thank You in advanced.... whaiting for your answer... Thanks.

J.FINESSE FLIGHTS: I noticed that you do reply back to anyone's comments, but my output voltage to my led backlight calls for 200v out but I'm getting 230/240v!! Is that ok?

Albert Davenport: I have the same exact model with the same exact problem yet I cannot find any damage to the power supply, all capacitors in good condition as well as the diodes leading to the rectifier, there are a couple of Transformers that looks a little suspect could that cause a complete shutdown ?

Shalom Rulay: I have a 55H6SG, the memory is full, the Tv is rebooting, it's showing me :The memory is slow ..... reboot, showing me the logo hisense and smart TV. Thanks

Steveh112: Interesting video and very good repair tips as usual. Good idea to swap the eprom from the original main board. Also good to know those LED testers can give a false positive once in ahwile. I'm considering buying one of those and will keep that in mind. I've been doing electronics for 30+ years but only do a few TV's on the side. Always good to learn from a master of the craft like yourself! Thanks for taking the time to post these videos!