Totally Spies Season 6 episode 5 HD (ENG) Pageant Problems(Original)

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Roger Leung: This episode touches on a very real, but rarely discussed, issue that all women face: age prejudice. The prime time a woman has is roughly from mid-teens to late-twenties, after which they are thought of as "over the hill". It's particularly severe for women who work in social and entertainment jobs. No one, especially men, want to talk about the youth of women because it's an ugly subject in public, yet it plays a big part in people's everyday choices for girlfriends, actresses, new work recruits and other public roles. There's no real solution to this either because it's ingrained in most modern cultures today and everyone faces aging and eventual death.

PH reestyle: 19:30 Titan!!!😲😱😂😂

Clara Jov: Who else saw Milan Stilton from Evil Heirres Much?

Tammy Kat: Thinking back watching this show I was really bias because when I was younger I only liked clover because she wore red! XD

Kathy Bates: Me and Clover agree on shoes 😭

Southern Flight: Bertha embraces her inner Nightmares @19:40

Roger Leung: Isn't that Milan Stilton at 9:37? She must have had a great lawyer to get off for kidnapping and attempted murder!

LLOWS MA: she went all luffy on them spies

Partyboy 20: I’m So Obsessed With This Show

Alex Patterson: I'm surprised mandy wasn't in this one

jasminne mcdonald: I really like Miss France's outfit. So Parisian.

Theko Oky: 14:16

Saraa: I'm wondering where Seth is tbh...

Dristios gaming 101: 2018?

Asif Mohammed: I love sam.she is so the way i also love two of them😉😄😘😍

Nashwa Gaming: I am loving your videos

LiveFree&LoveForever: 9:37 Milan suppose to be in jail

Maletic AnimeWatcher: Talk about plastic beauty

Ash Heaven: “You had a youth?!” XD
They really rub it in.

Sandra Nicole: Fish and chips contest? Sounds about English