How to make GoPro footage look better (Premiere/FCPX No Paid Plugins)

PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WANT MORE OF THESE! In this video I'll go over how to make your GoPro footage look better using both Premiere and FCPX. There's an option to save time if you want to use a paid plugin, but it's not required. The Steps - Add Motion Blur (Optional) - Fish Eye Correction - Letterboxing - Color Grading Premiere Tools: Real Smart Motion Blur - Aspen LUT - FCPX Tools: Fisheye Fix - LUT Loader - Aspen LUT - Here are a few travel films I use this technique extensively in: India Tuk Tuk Adventure - Exploring Jungle in Indonesia - Exploring Tokyo - ------ Shot & Edited by Mike Dewey - Social - - Gear - Sony A7sii ( Sony FE 16-35 F4 ( Sony FE 28mm F2 ( Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer ( Phantom 3 Pro Drone ( Thinktank Airport Helipak Drone Bag ( Rode Videomicro ( For business inquiries:


Sticky Mubbs: Thanks for this video Mike. The AE motion blur is what I took out of this - noice

alexander peckham: Love it thanks 👍

Jack Reece Olrich: Wow this was super helpful! Now that I know how to do all this I can actually start using my Gopro again :) Thanks so much!

Conrad Pratt: I've been watching tutorial videos forever and this one takes the cake! Super helpful, simple, and effective! THANKS MAN!!

mrkjsn: did you use gopro color or flat profile??

Tamay Mehmet: Great result and great tutorial! Thankyou very much

fletchlives66: I’ve given up on Adobe because of render times and price of software. FCPX edit and preview times alone is a Premiere killer. Good video but you should try adjustment layer in FCP X and also the cinematic format in set up is much better than letterbox overlay 🍺🍺

OxepeHeH: Help me please. I have go pro 4(720 30). Can you say me what settings i have to set in the Premier Pro? Because after I have worse quality and on YouTube the worst quality. I hope you will help me

Nora Villalobos: It doesnt give the option choise externel lut

B.: How do you add Motion blur in Final Cut Pro? Thanks! love your content. New to all of this, picking up slowly but surely.

Sirllortedlov: it'd be really helpful if you showed the final video in the beginning so we know what we're gonna be working towards.

DrCutYourFace: when ever i record with my go pro the footage lookes like... curvey... it looks like its stretching alot

Duxu: Thanks! I've been colour correcting every clip snippet through copy and pasting, didn't know you could just add a whole adjustment layer on top hahah. Saved me a lot of time for next time :)

brooklyn kid: So as a photographer trying to finally grasp video the question is...Pr or FCP?????

artemorbid: Thanks so much for this video, I learned a lot- will this also work on older gopro footage-? I have gopro hero2

Harriet Carter: This was great thankyou!

Wilson Amaya: nice Job, would like to see more about settings gopro / drone / dslr and shots tips like controll movement

Anna Smorek: Thank you so much, this was a massive help! Keep on the good work. Cheers

adam nelson: Well the blurry hand thing is your first issue , and failure, You didn't record this in 24fps!!! It should have been! that helps to bring in that cinematic motion blur!! And for slow mo yes you can go above 24fps to like 50 or higher, and then render it down to 24fps! But 30 is nothing! You can't slow that down smoothly! and Basically those shots should have been shot in 24fps right from the beginning!!! Would have helped a bit with those things!!! You know that!!!

Lance G: Yi 4K > GoPro. No lens distortion