Arduino Uno 2.0" TFT LCD ILI9225

My first device & program on Arduino - mini MeteoStation If you need a circuit connection, then write in the comments and I'll post the video. TFT LCD Library -


Sabrina Flipse: how do you get the SD card to work?

dario carestia: please i need connections

Jim Odom: I don't see pinouts on github..?

Moes: Absolutely awesome for such a cheap display i ti is very nice..can it survive cold temperatures?

Al Sy: Здравствуйте. Схему и скетч выложите? Тоже очень интересует эта тема.

László Kósa: Code and connections? :)

Alvaro Bravo: i need connections

İhsaniye Köyü: I need connections