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Alpinestars Roving Backpack Review The Alpinestars Roving Backpack is a basic new offering from Alpinestars that features easy to use compartments to organize your essentials. The Roving backpack is constructed of a combination of rip-stop nylon and abrasion resistant nylon to resist wear. The adjustable shoulder straps feature 3D mesh where the straps touch the body to promote airflow and have removable kidney and sternum straps. A helmet strap and a jacket strap allow you to easily transport gear off the bike and an internal laptop sleeve can take a 13" laptop.


Voxel Panda: I don't know if you're still answering questions on this video, but I need a backpack for a commute to school, however it rains alot where I am and it is likely i will be poured on. What would be the best option for me? Does the rain cover keep the pack dry?

Omkar Khamkar: Whats ur say on this vs the first gear torrent??? I want a tough backpack for my Sunday rides n for occasional long outings.. should carry at least 2 bottles (1l each) n have some storage for utilities. Which do u think suits my need??? I don't want to go over 90 bucks!!!

Julio Lopez: +RevZilla i would like to but his, but how would i carry my helmet? I want something that I could just strap on my helmet.

Jimmy Pham: I know it's 18L but it would be great if people stuffed their backpacks with books in the reviews just for visual sake. On that note. Will it fit one huge 1200+ page book and 2 inch 3 ring binder?

Kojy: i'm undecided between this and the icon old skool backpack...apart from price what should I consider? what do you guys think?

RevZilla: Sure! No reason why this wouldn't work perfectly for you. -CK

Stig Olsen: Hey. I want to know if this back is fine for School and everyday use? :-)

moardub: Ah tyvm greatly appreciated I do like the look of the Icon Mil-Spec Backpack, when I purchase I will be sure to use Revzilla, thx for the help!

RevZilla: The Dainese Backpack R fits the bill as does Icon Mil-Spec Backpack! -CK

moardub: I'm trying to find a backpack with a "helmet hood" that straps your helmet to your backpack. What would you suggest?

RevZilla: Water resistant, yes. Water proof, no. -CK

thien n: is the backpack itself waterproof, without the rainfly?

RevZilla: Don't believe so. Get a Sena SMH-5 instead :-). Much more comfortable than earbuds inside a helmet. -CK

Mario Frias: Hole for headphones?

RevZilla: Not on the inside, but there is a built in external helmet carrier. -CK

weber1111: Could you fit a full size full face helmet in the backpack? Thanks guys

RevZilla: Not that I have heard from our customers so far. At this point most colors are quite stable in the textile industry, with the occasional exception of High-Viz. -CK

Craig C: Any issues with the red material / back padding bleeding onto clothing or gear? I like this pack.

RevZilla: Not on this bad boy, try the Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack instead! -CK

Chase Burns: no helmet holder?