Sims 4: Speed Build | Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (Part 2)

Part 1: Take your sims on a vacation to the beautiful ocean-themed resort of Atlantis Paradise Island. This all inclusive resort has a variety of hotel rooms to fit your sim's needs, the famous bridge suite as well as first class amenities. Amenities include saltwater lagoons, Mayan Temple water slides and grotto, tiki bars, hot tub, private island, The Dig featuring underwater ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis, upscale dining, spa, gym, nightclub, arcade and much more. I will have many more builds and tours coming soon. Please like and subscribe for new videos. Thanks! DOWNLOAD THIS BUILD: *This build like all my builds include NO CUSTOM CONTENT. If it ever does include custom content, I will put it in the video title. My Webstite: Instagram: @neptunegamer Twitter: @neptunegamers Google Plus:


cynicalllama -: That dining area is so gorgeous it's insane!

Глеб Стифеев: and you can throw a link to download the Google drive? or something else ?)

Mandy Dee: this is mindblown beautiful!

Joe Santos: External download please !

Cherrypiexz: hey,do you think it would be nice is i use it as a house? or is way too spa looking?

estrella robledo: pls talk

Daria Dream: Я одна русская?

• _Thao_ Thao•: Wow !!

magnus christoffersson: Hello

Lidya Manson: wtf

Nsa Lilas: 😍😍😍

Enmanuel Perez: Omg

Just Epique: Were there mods used in this??

Motercycleguy554: OMG!!! This is seriously one of the best sims 4 speed builds i have ever seen! Your creativity is incredible and the way that you decorate is amazing! Just a quick question, for the spa and the restaurant, will they be working? Like are their workers at those places? Just wondering. But duuuuuuuuuuude. Great great work!

Joe Santos: External download please!!

Giovanna Barbieri: WOW!!!!OGM!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Bryan Souza: Você não tem link para download externo não?

Coiceição Matias: Você pode colocar na galeria

István Gyenes: Mi????

Celeste Poh: MIND BLOWN! I can live here ALL DAY!