Audi A3 8P 2010 Micronas cluster - test on the table


Angelo Patricelli: Ciao complimenti per il lavoro!...avrei bisogno anch'io di alcune informazioni sù come accendere questo quadro al banco...grazie attendo tue notizie.

levemail: Hi! I would you please share some information about the Arduino+Canbus shield setup? I would appreciate it. mail Thanks in advance :)

Kl Audio: Hi, I really need your help. I have a cluster like this one installed in my car. There is a light missing (Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light) I analysed the rectangular centre console where it should be and I can not find it. It seats exactly on the 9th spot counting from the top left. My car is diesel and Audi should have installed it. So i took the car to an Audi dealer and they told me that the light is there but the LED behind it is broken so they have to change the all dash panel for £574. I presented them with video evidence that the light is not there but now after they saw the video they are telling me that the actual light slit has slipped out alignment or felt off and that is why it can not be seen even with the method that i used. My question to you is: Is it possible that those light symbols in the rectangular centre panel to slip and go out of place??? Can they fall?
Are they not etched in the plastic itself like an imprint? Can you give me or views on the issue? Thanks my email

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