Cozmo - Day 16: Windows SDK install Tutorial + Remote Control Cozmo (Anki's New Robot Review!)

Today we go into how to install SDK for Windows and how to run the remote control script so you can make your own animations! For your own, click the following link: Meet Cozmo, the robot with a personality which evolves Anki have created Cozmo, a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out.


B the Fam: Hi have u worked out a way to get cozmo to return to his charge base when his battery is low?

Jacobsen1450: mine says there is not ios or android device connected running cozmo in sdk mode, do i need to be running itunes or something?

Carlos Borg: I can't do it it's so hard

Cowboy3312 Gaming: can you show us how to make a twitter account for cozmo

Deepesh Dragoneel: Hey pls keep how to install vocal commands in Cozmo pls sir

Vector_Cozmo_Sebby: I always wanted to code a robot and I was thinking lego robots ( I have a cozmo ) I didn't know you could AUCTUALLY code cozmo my mind is blown

Paymon Pooya: it says no such file in directory when i type in py control cozmo .py

Raving Sniper: I don't have a phone

Mike Nguyen: I can't do it
it said No Android device found running Cozmo: Could not find Android Development Tools. A connection error occurred: no devices connected running Cozmo in SDK mode

Aidan Banks: cannot import from flask? help

Adil Mirza: Thanks bro

cccoolguy10: I have a problem where I cannot see through cozmos camera on my computer whenever the program has use_viewer=True

Bdog Games And Vlogs [HyperShot7]: i got every thing done besides the remote control cozmo part i got up to the part when you type the cd cozmo_sdk_examples_0.10.0 ( that is the version i have) twice and when i type in the remote control cozmo code it says [errno 2] No such file or directory. any way i can fix this issue? thank you it would help a lot! :)

Jaziel Amadiz: i keep getting an error message that said pip3 install --user flask but when i do it it download and i run the program again but the same thing happens

Hell Yeah: plz help i installed everything and it all seemed fine until i tried to run the test apps.
nothing worked at all it just kept saying invalid syntax even though i am absolutely sure i am typing it right

E C: Even though I followed the directions in the video, something went wrong. When I typed in "cd cozmo_sdk_examples_0.8.0, it said, " The system cannot find the path specified." Someone please help me! I also tried looking in the Cozmo SDK Forums but nothing was helpful. Does anyone else have this problem?

Neutral Ghast: I like how I have looked at two tutorials and both of them had the comments "first", "second", and "third" XD

Jasel Arroyos: Im on version 10.0 for the examples and the folders dont look the same as these.. when i type "py" it states" No such file or directory." any idea?

cccoolguy10: I really want cozmos camera to work because some of the programs need his camera but when I type in pip3 install --user cozmo[camera] to access the camera it wont work at all!!!! please HELP!!! MEEEEE!!!!

cccoolguy10: When I put pip3 install --user cozmo[camera] into command prompt it doesn't work it has red words everywhere saying it doesnt work please help me fast I wanna do this REALLY BAD