WoW: Legion (Alpha) - Level 110 Arms Warrior 3v3 as Warrior/Demon Hunter/RDruid

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D0NALD TRUMP: hhhhey check it out MUTE

정성학: warrior is op.....
power full / awesome...

uǝɯ ɹǝpods: all i saw was cdew taking it in the ass 20 times in a row

Cody Tomblin: What's the song called in the intro? I love it :l

Rome_05: lol 1m crits is like nothing to wow atm.

Alex R: rename the video to rekting cdew

Mads Emil Holvad: good job as always

XTINOX Power: That evil laugh hahahah

supgirl725: arena looks awful in legion.

Allotrios Apolis: i hope things will not remain like this. Unbalanced as hell..

J1gS4wLTD: omg u can get slowed in blade storm now???!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Daniel Asgaard: Are there really that few people on the Alpha that you actually play against the same 3 people for the entire session? Blizz really needs to invite more PvP people if they want some accurate testing done.

Ghost 1111: Video starts at 1:00

Ata KAZAN: baj i have q for u m8 fury or arms which one bigger dps now?

Babypuke: This looks so boring, hardly have any abilities or skill-plays to make. I home they ramp it up. I want Wrath on steroids.

Taylor Holder: Is there some sort of pvp utility talent that anyone can get that makes them invisible or am I just really stoned?

HCSR2: Love the intro. Don't listen to the assblasted horde kids, if they are so mad about it they can always just skip it.

Keep it up!

Mizak u: Now you can be slowed during bladestorm... well

TurtleOver Lord: Holy SHITZZZ battle cry + bladestorm if fcking insane!!!

Snaji Gaming: @bajheerawow what looks stronger in legion right now, Alliance or Horde?