2007 Suzuki gsxr electrical problem

How to fix electrical problems


AfroStylus: Did you replace your stator and rectifier for your bike showing no signs of life?

m marmrcz: Thanks for the video, helped a lot. The '30 fuse' was burned. I also replaced the battery, the old one was 3+ years old and at about 6 volts after charging forever.

Brian Garza: Check the connections on your ECU box mine were really corroded it's right behind your battery just pull out the plug and you'll be able to tell

Hondakid64: If it has H.I.D head lights that's going to keep blowing that 30A fuse.
The 07 can't handle to power they draw

Leon Harvey: Nice! This Video help me out. Thanks!!!!!!

alpha beto: hope mine was so easy to find like that men