Remove Samsung Account Reactivation lock on Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 R732 R720

We have a Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 model R732 hands-on The owner of Samsung Gear S2 told us this smartwatch is logged on a Samsung account by the previous owner We tried to connect with Samsung Gear S2 by a code that is displayed on screen via "Samsung Gear" application on Samsung phone. And the notification appeared. It says: "The Samsung account you are signed in to does not match the Samsung account that was use to enable Reactivation lock.." Then we entered this Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 into "Download mode USB" and you can see, it say R/L On (Reactivation Lock ON) And now, we have a way to remove the old Samsung account that signed in this Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 R732 completely Our method is also working on Samsung Gear S2 R720 How to enter Download Mode Wireless? + Press and hold Power key: Turn off "your gear s2" entirely + Press and hold Power key until it will show "REBOOTING" + Press Power key 03 times: it will show a selection screen + Press Power key to move + Press and hold Power key: to select DOWNLOAD mode WIRELESS + Double click Power key: On your gear, it will replace "Searching" by "Waiting for AP" -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Contact us via: whatsapp, viber, imessage, hangout: +84 909911920 line, telegram, wechat: +84 909911920 skype: shomesconan facebook: mail:


JEFFRY & EFFIE 2k16: I need help

foxs clear: Im stuck

Saul Arteaga: can you unlock my gear s2

hussain nihad2: can you help me! my samsung gear sport wanted to unlock with samsung acount but I dont remamber it

eastside.story.maria: How much is your service

Daniel Janas: I've tried everything

X-L A R R Y W H I T E-X: I need help unlocking mines

Andrew Collins: How long does it take to download.

mohammed shafi: how much charge for unlocking

RECKLEZZ #00: i need help with my gear s2 sm-r720

Organización OG13: Help!!! Help!!!

Eduardo López: Hello, how long do I have to wait on the download screen?

Jaturong Srikosabarn: I spend a long time more than 1 hours but it doesn't go anyway. :'(

Nick Olivas: how long do you wait until its down downloading?

Haley Phillips: What do you do once its in the waiting stage?

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