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Sara DG: how is this video hd????? literally SO pixelated and blurry.

Kenneth Wiley: now that's cool

The Wackadoodle: It worked great until I got mad at it and said somethings I didn't mean and now it's sitting at the top of my highest window in my house (40 ft) and refuses to come down. I have offered flowers, chocolate, and intimate foot massages but nothing works! Any help would be lovely!

Mikell Williams: $300😐

Nick The Stunter: This has to be the latest crap on the market

WickedZZzY: Advanced technology but these people obviously never took an English class. . .

黎坤勇: Robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer:

Dyan: lol thought this was a copmuter reg cleaner for windows :p

Bilal Issa: Hi, do you know if the unit sold in the US is also compatible with European power grids? e.g 220v-240v?

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