Opening Kawaii Squeezies! Squishy Blind Boxes!

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Eve Simpson: Aww she looks like Arrietty and her voice is so cute :)

Anaisa And gabriel: my birthday is on May 10th

Amrina Vivien: I have them too !!!!

Jinbee Peaxh: Mine is the white sugar cube because it's the biggest!!

Unicorn Face: 2:17 it's a tofu

Unicorn Face: I like how she keeps on saying she😂😂😭😂😂😭😭

Morgan Williams: I have that !!!

evren gülec: Donut🍩

Crazy Cupcake: Keli you have some squizzys to omg i just got one today at lodon drugs and it is a blue frys

Crazy Cupcake: Keli! you.

MACSMovies: I subbed. Sub back please

joseslashescake***9000 00000: Are you smart or dumb? Lets find out!
You have 7 fishes, 5 drown. How many fish are left?

Tisha• Diel: Yay 1 like (my like)

x Seesxw: When I opened mines I got the s'mores!!

Kori Kaiwi: I have the animal kawaii sqeesys

minh tam le: the second one is a marshmallow

Angel Rose: No his not 😂

hersheys cookies n cream: Plz tell me wear you got those

Hannah Watts: Why is everyone so obbesed with squishys these days they are just memory foam with a random thing on top of it that u just squish at look at it ....#Boring

kawall_squeezies toys: Hi my youtube chelln is call like that Also I got them to