H264 CCTV DVR Admin Account Resetter

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Emilio Magnus: Hi sir, I have an OWSOO 8 Channel DVR Digital Video Recorder 960H D1 H.264 CCTV DVR model : TW-5008DVR. tried so many superpassword tool but no luck resetting my password. Tried to remove the internal battery but still no luck. Can you help me to reset the password or the whole system? I really appreciate your help

Kessou Djamanou: Hello, I have a MultiStar DVR 16ch and I forgot the admin password. I need your help please.
DVR Model: DL7526

Cris John Perez: Hello, My DVR is Longse XVR2008D. I forgot the password. Can you help me to reset it?Thanks

Wilberforce Qweci Ansah Twum: My DVR is Multistar DL8108 can the software reset it?

Wilberforce Qweci Ansah Twum: Hi, please share the link to download the DVR Admin Account resetter

Hammad Khan: I have DVR-G608L-N. Need to unlock it!!

sachin pancholi: how to search particular camera IP, which software use

sachin pancholi: sir your contact no

Soon Yen Teoh: I have dvr model AVR3216, I forgot the password and I try using telnet to my dvr ip address and show cannot connect to the host,port23 connection failed.how pls help me thx

austin odiaka: Hi, I've a H264 dvr with Admin login showing lack authority, Kindly tell me how to fix this. Tks

Aslan Alsaffar: We trying more than 5 times ((( so we got block.. what to do now??(((

Awareness Program world wide: Hi, kindly help me to recover my dvr password. I tried many ways to recover it but nothing gone successful. My Dvr model is( Grundig: GRA-D44168) if anyone can help, please

Almir Kadillari: I have a dvr h264 and i have forgette the admin id pls somone help

crestmen: i i have dvr H264 HD video equipment (TMT VISION) and i forget password.
I remove the battery, it loses time but the password is not
date 01/01/1970.

Nándor Herperger: Hi i have a h.264 DVR and forgot the password

date is 2001-01-01


Tayler Perdue: Hi i have a h.264 DVR and forgot the password

date is 2017-12-14

Gustavo Sifuentes: Please i have H 264 DVR D3008C-H we lost the password we need your help to tell us how to resset it. Thanks in advance

Александр Вдовиченко: AHD DVR - PB-2008-S (BigRocks.cn), Cloud ID - db2ed5281e61484c, login-admin
bild - 2016-05-04
now - 2017-11-03

Hesham Noah: Dear,
Please i have RoHs H 264 DVR we lost the password we need your help to tell us how to resset it. Thanks in advance

Centro Tecnico Lubricacion Milos: please I need help with my DVR, I forget the password
model: H.264 D2016V
SERIAL N° 20121102007
DATE: 2012-08-01

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