Tiny wireless flash triggers for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc. - LightPix Labs FlashQ review

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Jayvee Soliveres: It will work for canon and nissin flash??

Tim Nguyen: It looks like it doesn't have HSS. 250 shutter speed top.

daniel andrade: Hi, i would like to unos ir i could use a HVL-F32X director con the son y a7 and son y a6*** series or is there a hotshoe adapter?

KHU88: The wireless triggers can use sony A7Rll with canon flash..?

Ivan Zaitsev: Where i can buy it - cant find on ebay

MostlyClaudy: The new version of the transmitter has a locking screw so it does not slide of the hot shoe accidently.

Joe Schmoe: I just got mine today and the transmitter now has a thumb-wheel so no worries knocking it off.
Cheers (edit: Nikon set if that matters ;)

AG.Cipher: I'm guessing this is a little too much to ask, but that connector i saw on it doesn't happen to charge the battery does it? Just throwaway CR2032 style batteries probably?

btdtpro: I feel like this video should have had a trigger warning

neïss Delamour: the equivalent of what the hell? in French is: mais qu'est-ce qui se passe?
Au revoir! ;)

Alexandra Starr Photography: nice and small, space saving is never a bad thing, and in pink too? nice =)