2018 Fuel Injected Husky 2 stroke

We just finished our first day of riding the fuel-injected 2018 Husqvarna TE250i two-stroke. The main reason this bike was developed was to meet Euro 4 and 5 requirements, so it won't be homologated as an off-road or dual-sport bike in the U.S., but Husky isn't ruling out that possibility in the future. For now, it's a closed-course competition off-road bike, but a by-product is excellent performance at altitude and a smooth power delivery. It will only be imported in limited numbers, but the carbureted version will be back in both 250 and 300cc configuration.


Z Shark: The future is now !!!! I want to ride one :)

CR2504life: I want to ride there !!!

GirthLord45: no one can pronounce husqvarna

EnduroPNW: during the riding shots of your video, I saw it was 300 on the side of the bike not 250i. tricky very tricky...

MK wildout: why do you pronounce it like "huskavarna" it's husqvarna

DAVID GEERLING: I prefer the Power band HIT !! Maybe cuz I'm 235 LBS, it's necessary to propel me right ?? !!

bill smith: If KTM wants to make Huskies a bit different. I always remember the Autos . Put a new auto tranny in one model. It would be a start. And put a 500 2 banger on it with e start.

Bill Malec: So, when's the 300i coming?

Maverick224: Awesome, would like to hear more about the differences between this and the Kato. Nice preview without the hype and music or sales pitch cheers for that, this is what we need more of. Hopefully more soon on the channel. 👍

Robert Nantista: Thanks Ron.

Bradley: Great short and informative preview with no nonsense and the sweet music of 2 stroke, more channels should take heed. Appreciated. Please do more videos like this.
In Australia our highest peak is around 7300ft (2228m) so have to jump up 700ft to test the power loss you mentioned....
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