How To - Kali Linux 2.0 - Recon-ng

This video takes you through the Recon-ng Framework, starting with the basic commands, and working through using the modules to gather data for your target. The focus of Recon-ng is on passive OSINT, but there are some modules that would be considered active as well. Check out my website for more tutorials! Twitter @rwbnetsec Recon-ng Project Page Get the Latest Version of Recon-ng git clone Get Your API Keys! Bing BuiltWith Google Google CSE Instagram IPInfoDB Jigsaw LinkedIn PwnedList Shodan Twitter VirusTotal Thanks for watching! -Jason


Joshua Christianson: Wonderful video - however I had a question: at 26:24 you run the freegeoip module without issue. When I run it I get a Timeout referencing File "usr/lib/", line 480, in readline

Upon checking out the code and looking at the line (being new to Python as it is) I find the following (lines 471 - 484 shown):

if buf_len >= size:
rv =
self._rbuf = StringIO()
return rv
self._rbuf = StringIO() # reset _rbuf. we consume it via buf.
while True:
data = self._sock.recv(self._rbufsize) # this is line 480
except error, e:
if e.args[0] == EINTR:

This might come down to learning more Python - however is there any immediate issues you see with the code or any other ideas of what might be causing my Timeout issue when following your video?

Leecorrimal: quality tutorial.

Tech Lovers: make new video on this !!!! it's amazing !1 thanks

Roarin Shots: Im studying cyber security and am familiarizing myself with kali, this is a very helpful video.

rcascell: just starting experimenting with Recon-ng and I have to say it is an awesome tool for information gathering. Everything work exactly how you demonstrated it. Great job

Kasra Jabbari: like

Knoppix: Hey! Very nice video.
I only wanna know, when you used the flickr module, the script told you that he found images, how to see them ? Thank you !

Ram Mishra: Thank you so much Sir, for the best video on recon-ng....explained very well..i was struggling with few option but now its so easy..thank you very much

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Ali The Flying Tiger: great work every thing is perfect in your tutorials thank you very much brother. I love you.

Antonely RAMELISON: Hello bro, need help. When i use the resolve module (put SOURCE) and run it, i have this issue: DNS Error . How to fix?

PantherBlast8086: Are you still helping people out with this rwbnetsec?

makeITeasy: what if you have 2 locations and how to choose one of them each ,it is choosing only the first one location

Alpha: Hello! Thanks for this video!
I guess the street addresses or GPS coordinates aren't accurate? Are they?

Mridul Yadav: When i use the pushpin twitter module and scan the area around me, I cant find the tweet which i tweeted from a different account on twitter. Why is this so?

Qadehar Potter: thanks a lot from sri lanka

Shipe Wolf: Thank you sir great video

Fabio Escudero: Thank Jason, is a great, great video! Congratz

Filip Risteski: Thanks for the video, this tool is really good.

Abhijit Dikshit: Thanks for the video....can you please help me with the below

When tried flickr i got below error

[!] FrameworkException: API key 'flickr_api' not found. Add API keys with the 'keys add' command.