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Thank you guys so much for watching! In this video we explore Hilton Hotel V5! It had such a glorious up, it is so good! And The Nachos are BACK! But, that's all I'm spoiling, watch the video to find out more :) Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/414300524/NEW-HiIton-Hotel-V5 Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2996015


I like potatoes: When i was getting an interview and they said to correct H3110, can i get a r00m plz? I corrected it Hello, can i get a room please? And i got kicked srsly they suck

BlackbeaqrRoblox: "THEY HAVE A MINIFRIDGE" Lmao.

NOOB Gamer: Check the new V5 update hehe it’s better!

Crispro ROBLOX: New Sub!

Its Cloudy: CHICKEN 0:46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ros_AtkinsRBLX: Well, V6 is coming so... Be prepared.

Charlotte Poon: I wish I had more time to play this awesome game, oh and this vid is nice and so is the hotel! the suites are premium quality

TheTrueCloutGod: You need to actually do your job. I understand its tempting to stop and look around but you did an interview and got trained to work not to explore. Sorry for being a party pooper but its very true. Please do more of your work.


UndercoverRobloxReviews: I have never seen someone so excited for virtual food and drinks in my life.

the_roblox_group66 isaac: Not being mean but when she seed thiss looks nice it sound like lill tay but i love ur vid

Nadia's Blue World: I just hate the lighting inside the building.

Kerry: Lets suppose your writing a very important email to a cocksucker.

Billy Aaron Seaton: First comment...

In a month

Archiemilk Archiemilk: thx

Sophia Vlogs: lol I mean continue hilton

Sophia Vlogs: Continue room

Kerry Weng: Is it possible if they make v6?.....

my name is Sarah Mendizabal: Hi I am my name is SAran

tofuu ☼: lesson of the day:
eat nachos whilst on the treadmill.