UK PM Theresa May ready to use nuclear weapons

The UK’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has sworn before the parliament that she is prepared to use nuclear weapons against other countries. In her first address to the British Parliament, May staunchly defended the country’s possession of nuclear arms. British lawmakers were debating whether to replace the country's fleet of nuclear-armed submarines. The ruling Conservative government is determined to maintain the weapons, which consists of four Royal Navy submarines armed with Trident missiles. The motion has wide support from the Tory party and is almost certain to pass. However, leader of the opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, is a lifelong supporter of nuclear disarmament. Despite Corbyn’s anti-nuke stance, many in his party will likely vote to keep the nuclear program. Commentator: Ian Williams Senior Analyst, Foreign Policy in Focus Watch Live: Twitter: LiveLeak: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Dailymotion:


ILoveJesus: It’s not preferable, and very sinful. But it’s true at least that nuclear weapons have been deterring the World War Three between global major powers. I know it’s not perfect enough to bring the ultimate peace. It doesn’t prevent terrorism.
I’m a peace seeker. The world peace is very ideal and need to be done. But to do it, we all gotta share the same thought that “use of military power doesn’t benefit anyone.” And nuclear weapon gets us to think it logically.

Atgeir Nyttingnes: US is broke, Russia would help western Europe more than US, and hadn't it been for the Russian, the allie would never make to land in Normandie!

Joel Taylor: Makes sense, sort of the point in a deterrence.

Aarondaladd: Wow gain a lot of respect for her

STC: Even if she won’t press the button in reality, she have to say YES. If she doesn’t, all the British nuke become useless shit.

Bizarre18: Someone stick a fucking nuke up her scraggy arse

Tocha Whatelse: She can put her nukes in her pussy and her ass.

Fucking old BITCH

Richard Paulson: Does she know she will die? And for what reason does she abuse the lives of those that trust her? UK has no chance of survival. A 3000 foot wave is not survivable.

Chief Muddy Bear: She is for Muslim jihadists but hates Christian Russia

Chief Muddy Bear: Put the mad dog bitch down

the honest seer: Has she gone fkg mad..? we the people here in UK are absolutely sick and tired of this hell hole.
let's leave the UK..anyone got a big and safe boat? Take me away from here please someone...😢

Trevor Pruit: it is inevitable that one day someone is going to fire a nuclear missile. and it will no doubt be over fake allegations. like Salisbury.

Claud Reindl: Putin will kiss her ass with a hypersonic nuke.

Patrick Brefo: Unlike second world war some nation has nuclear weapon so don't think you will survive you start nuclear war. There will be retaliation

Peter Mackie: Because ..... May the puppet & others can't obtain there objective in Syria for there puppet masters .... Because Putin won't let them....... So let's start the propaganda and demonisation of Russia and Putin

Therxxi Vevo: Dont try to be like Kim jung un😂

William Gibson: Georgia Guidestones: Who is Desperate to Reduce the Population. .. Desperate for War..... Who is Behind it All. Cause Friction Between U.K. and Russia. Who Stands to Gain. LETS cut CRAP. Who had Contract Fukushima Safety. Who Hacked the Computers. And had access Codes. It Was Not Russia or U.K. All sea creatures Dead........Who first Spoke....... AGENDA 21.

Car Lover: Hey daughter of Satan, where did you get all this bravery from. She lives in lala land and all those who agree with her ,they're thinking they're playing computer games. Where is Germany going to bring Thier oil and gas from that including UK . Are they going to invade Syria again. If I was Putin I'll shut the bloody pipes leaving UK without recourses. And the idiots who agree with her, don't forget her and her cronies has got bunkers. The public will be exposed and they'll die. She's trying to show she's like Maggie. Tory party get rid of this horrible woman.

James James: If the UK launch anything at Russia Radar /sat would pick it up well before re entry the, UK would be destroyed , (she would never pre emptive strike) , she has just admited she is prepared to kill 100,000 men woman children ,
I think she should be locked up for saying she is prepared to kill 100.000 . People have been sent to prison for saying far less ..

Miroslav Sulc: Every politician who is ready to use nuclear weapons is insane and should be kept in madhouse.

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