HELL MANSION! | Little Big Planet 3 (61)

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My Normal self: Tommy:hey lets go to this haunted mansion I'm totally not gonna kill you all!
Other and me:OK!
Me:can't find anyone.
Me:oof on a balcony gonna die either way...*jumps*
Tommy: . . .
Tommy: =] those idiots

I have a theory? When Tommy walked out the door he encountered one of the ghosts they told him to kill all of his friends or he himself would die a slow painful death everyone could here and if you know Tommy he's a wimp

Cathy !owther: If you play shreck swamp dlives name is thare

DC GAMER: U should play more horror levels alone its more scary

DC GAMER: Wait a second different houses same girl?

little cat: Can we be friends on Playstation 4 please favorite youtube

junko kuroh: Omg that ending tho I didn't know ur character would die XD

FoxRose Cherry: My name is Jessica and I have red hair to

Fran Calderón: Me help you i love you

Crabby Connor: i bet if dlive jumped out the house in real life he'd live if he did a pk roll

A N X I E T Y: "Whats in that bathtub its all bloody" me: I GUESS SOMEBODY HAD THEIR PERIOD WHILE TAKING A BATH

Faint Prism: All my friends are dead I'm fine with it I won. Wait the house is on fire!? Oh well I guess my friend up in the attic is dead to.

emoji man: That brown girl is Amy and the girl with the white face is her mother.

Rachel Siddall: I was so freaked out

Alex and Alexis kiwi: I hate tommy


Brian Olive: SCP-966...

William Lobur: TOMMY WHY YOU MURDER YOUR FRIENDS? Well,anyways, [locks Tommy in burning house] have fun!

crispy cream: if u could play with wade and try to scerrer the shit out him ;)

Angie Goodpasture: Tommy I will get my revenge 😈😈😈😈🥀

Angie Goodpasture: I SEE MY NAME ALOT 😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿