Zoo York "State Of Mind" Video Trailer

A Trailer for Zoo York's Full Length Video "State of Mind" coming 2009. Starring: Brandon Westgate, Donny Barley, Chaz Ortiz, Anthony Shetler, Matt Miller, Ron Deily, Forrest Kirby, Eli Reed, Aaron Suski, Kevin Taylor and Zered Bassett. Filming and editing by R.B. Umali. Music by Masta Killa - "Whateva", courtesy of Nature Sounds Records.


mtaylor dgk: 2016

PeanutRider2011: How the fuck would you know? You just know after watching youtube videos? How about you stop judging him and shut the fuck up! Skate as good as him then talk to me!

SwantonBomb30: @finomhiphopandskate Masta Killa Whateva

swiminthepussy juice: yo please tell me the name of the song i feel that shit

swiminthepussy juice: @skaters4life610 the response to my comment sould be the name of the song

swiminthepussy juice: the name of the song

nick castro: damm song is too sikk especially da skaters!!!

corey millett: @SilENT408FluFFY i know how you feel man

hozbozandcoz: @djelail the song is Masta Killa feat. Streetlife & Prodigal Sunn - Whatever

Jay St. Fleur: @alfred0alviz0 correction .... You have no pop don't dis-respect Zoo York like that respect

Chandler fiftthree: kevin taylor rules

Cj Covone: wats the song????

João Oliveira: wats the music of this?

ozris: Awesome video. I'm a local skater in brisbane australia check out my video would love some feedback. Thanks

Afro Jester: 0:28,Hell yeah!

Sebastian Angulo Peralta: song man

Chuck O'Connor: the set that kev is switch flipping? ok where in philly is it. and if you were 'killin it' why arent you in a video jumping down that shit?

Kooladicrew: this video is iiiiiiiiiiillll!!!

John McGalvin: forrest kirby =D

Kooladicrew: brandon westgates part is sick!!!