Dupli-Color® How To: Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating

Dupli-Color® Shadow™ Chrome Black-Out Coating is a two-can system that is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping, and fading making it ideal for chrome wheels, bumpers, interior/exterior trim, accessories, and under hood components. Brian and Brian will apply the translucent black base coat and the clear top coat to create the popular look of black chrome on polished metal or chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. LEARN MORE HERE: http://duplicolor.com/product/shadow-chrome-black-out-coating Let’s Connect! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Duplicolor Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/duplicolor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duplicolorauto/?hl=en Website: http://www.duplicolor.com/


Terry Giovanakis: Don't forget to use a proper respirator... just saying ...

sue brush: will this work on polished aluminum wheels?

Angel Pacheco: Would this hold up on the chrome pieces inside a headlight?

REALDAVEMATTHEWS: thus kit work on chrome clad wheels?

Demetria Jenkins: Do this come off ?

keelye powell: I'm not sure if you've answered this yet or not but I have a few pieces under the hood of my car that I'm wanting to try this on that aren't Chrome. Some is aluminum and maybe even try it on some of the plastic stuff. Would it work if I spray paint them Chrome and then adhesive then base? Also is it safe under the hood? I'm not putting it on the block but was wanting to do the intake

SuperKick3r: did this to my 1000 chrome rims. came out blue now stuck with rims that are bright blue very disappointed not sure how I'm going to reverse this some information on reversing or fixing this would be much appreciated.

pitin8201: Would this work on motorcycle exhaust

MODHELI CUSTOMS: Where can I buy this in the uk?

Henz: Hi, I really like this product and before purchasing this item, I have a really quick question. I have a chrome rack on my bike and I want to paint over the chrome by using this product to look better. Is the coating long-lasting? And If I carry thing/stuff on the rack, will it do any damage to the coating?

MODHELI CUSTOMS: Will this work on alloy wheels?

alfred martinez: or will it work over blk primer? or do I have to paint it chrome then do the blk chrome?

alfred martinez: can i use this to paint stock rims for a 02 trailblazer they like a grey finish ????

ChrisCDXX: Chrome very non porous. I would buy this product in a heart beat if I didnt think I would need to re do it every 6 months.

Justin Walker: +duplicolortv How well would Dupli-Color Shadow hold up if applied to chrome exhaust pipes on a motorcycle?

matrox: Suppose I scuff a curb. Will the chrome show through or is it as tuff as powder coating???

Jonathan Pedigo: I paint cars everyday for a living and i was thinking about doing this to all the chrome on my car . Instead of using your clear can i use true automotive clears?i use dupont urethane enamel clears. lastly it's always been a no no in the automotive painting world to paint over chrome even with scuffing or applying adhesion promoters it always chips or flakes very easy. what makes Dupli-Color a better product?

Jose Rios: Just did my rims yesterday! came out perfect! 100x better! but one question... how should i go about cleaning them? haha

Joe Delasko: How scratch resistant is this coating? Wheels get hit with a lot of road debris... rocks, gravel, tar, etc.

Ephraim Miller: I have Motorcycle parts I wanted to put this on which are not chrome. I know it will not be as brilliant, but how will it look if I put it on boxes (non chrome) on the handle bars? These would be the flasher switch box, the starter box... is it just a tint, or do you think it would shine it up a bit without giving it a solid black look?