HDR and WCG on Samsung SUHD and Panasonic UB900

Getting all the benefits of Ultra HD Blu-ray picture is not as easy as popping a disc in the UHD BD player and hitting play. On Samsung 49KS7002 (2016 SUHD) and Panasonic DMP-UB900 UHD BD player I encountered many issues to obtain both HDR and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) at the same time. In this video I am showing what is going on and how different HDMI cable or different HDMI input can give very different results. Conclusion on all this is not good - certain combination of modern UHD TVs and UHD BD players will not always handshake in friendly way and you can end up looking at UHD picture with or without HDR or WCG. ***** Additional videos ***** Buy Samsung KS7000 on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/29xs1vY Samsung KS7002 unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioK32bN8tzA Settings after calibration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfTSoEa6MC8 Panasonic UB900 UHD BD player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTWyHEopE5Y Buy Panasonic UB900 on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/29lqTM1 ------- Shown scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road UHD Blu-ray and Samsung's promotional UHD HDR material. Visit my calibration settings store: https://payhip.com/tvcalibrationwithdarko


Rich Nanyame: HDMI?

Zubair Moussajee: I just bought a ks9000 samsung tv and this awesome uhd bluray player. Can you suggest me a home cinema which will fit in with these two?

Rens van loenhout: Is this still an issue? I just watched Mad Max and it looked really good. But ive never seen how it's supposed too look with HDR so I dont know if it really was showing the best quality with WCG. I have the UB700 btw.

AstroFantastica: It's not the cables, it's the TV's processor.

I believe your KS7000 is only an 8-bit panel, so it's unable to process the 4:4:4 12-bit chroma signal being sent from the UB900.

peter halasz: Hi I have the same issue on sony xd93. Blu ray looks better then hdr blu rays!

Eddy Obregon: Well I found a work around for my Samsung 65ks8500 since it does it in every movie.. Switch cables n input n nothing.. Found a easy fix just a pain u have to do it at the start of each n every movie.. Go to your Samsung TV menu and go to Uhd color option n switch back to off, wait a few seconds then switch back to On... N there you have it you now have Hdr n Wcg enabled.. Appears to be a hand shake issue with Samsung n this player.. I'll tell u this much this player blows the Samsung Uhd player away in terms of picture pop n clarity so I'll take the work around

bamlin52: How strange but interesting problem. The colours on Mad Max look washed out. HDR not working. I use the Panasonic 700 4k upscaler great model not hdr. Not much choice at the time 900 was £600 . I am very happy with it. HDR discs too dear for me . The upscaler does a great job and the sound awesome. Thanks for sharing that issue.

Glenn Rubin: "it's a nuclear wesicle captain"

anthony reynoza: my Samsung does the same thing with my Xbox one s in hdr content

Andreas Tzimboukakis: disable deep colour in the panasonic player its used for 12 bit panela

Con Dossis: any update since darko last video

Dave30867: Maybe you got a faulty player or cables i dont have these problems with my 4k TV

max gobratts: i got Samsung 64f 8500 plasma. its stunning. calibrated with errors below 1 . greyscale, accurate rec 709 . error. below 1. gama 2.19
stunning black levels .
Do i need to invest in 4k and HDR gimics .???

Matthieu Scherrer: I have this glitch with my 65HU7500 (backed with One connect sek 3500). It occurs only with the Mad Max UHD BD, not with the others I own. One way to set it right is to change source and then come back to the Panasonic UB900 port. Hope it will help.

sam rahman: see your problem is that you have very low knowledge with the TV settings first thing you should do is change the colour mode to the RGB (enhanced) and then you'll have the best picture quality that 4K can offer and always with your TV sitting to leave on a standard instead of the movie mode would give better contrast even when you're watching a movie and then there was shake hands and hug each other and even kiss each

Scott Lakey: i had the same problem with my panasonic player you have to set the output to 4k/60 that sorted out my problem.no more problems after that

lltffd: I hope they update your Panasonic soon...I have the 65ks8500 and the k8500, and it works perfectly, even turning on uhd color automatically on the hdmi input,so the average user can just plug it in and go...great video

chris moeller: ha ...good video..you would think having a ks8000 and Samsung 4k player things would just sync together. do you think with the hdr+ viewing option on the ks8000 will solve sum confusion?

Don Grimme: I wonder if the same problems would exist with the higher tier KS8000 (which I have been considering). Also, I'm curious: What cable would you recommend?

john partaloglou: Forgot my budget is more or less 1700€