Post-it Love

short film


Anonymous Rapper: this is what boys will one hahaha

The Twilight Zone: OMG im on the floor crying!!

Fahd Hamid: @ThePartyyChickk :) sure is

Kayla Katona: soo cute!

jorge prado: muy bueno el corto POST-IT LOVE

roos xx: i love the music haha. So cute! <3

How Hwa Teong: Buy 3M Post it

breezqui: super cute

MillieKay13: @schacom376 me too it's so romantic <3

Maggie Monroy: OMG!! Love ya everybody!!

Fahd Hamid: @Sumieika :)

Fahd Hamid: @lilyshimmer22 this indeed is cute btw if by any chance you havnt watched signs please do m sure u'll love it :)

Sumieika Yaska: 1:43 Love how her pupil's change from big to smal...

Fahd Hamid: hmm :)

Fahd Hamid: dis is sweeet!

Freya Oakley: hehe cute!