B16B Honda VTEC Engine - 210.000km Vs. 107.000km

This movie shoows the differences between a B16B with around 200-230k km (car had miles-converter in UK, so don't know the exact km's) on the clock and a B16B with 107.000km on the clock. Car Mods: Spoon ECU 5Zigen Catback lighter Flywheel (don't know exactly, but seems to be Spoon) Modified Airbox Tyres: 205/50 R15 Federal RSR on oe Honda Enkei Rims


x bseries: Where did you get the spoon ecu?

myself17: It's made with strong internals and already quite tuned out of the factory as standard

wiskimike: don't understand what you mean. sorry

myself17: Realistically this block is hardcore out of factory.

wiskimike: pinnacle studio 12. im not shure, but i belive the latest win moviemaker was also able to that ;)

Tim Moers: what program is used to show the old and new at the same time?

wiskimike: @upbeatmantis86 never dynoed it yet. stock is 185hp. I heared that the ECU should increase the power for 5hp, so 190hp. Guess it is between 185 and 200hp...

upbeatmantis86: pretty much 200hp yea?

wiskimike: stock engine, stock exhaust. Lighter Flywheel and Spoon ECU are only mods in this vid.

GranTurismoholix: this is tuned or is it stock??