How to check my Sennheiser is genuine or fake counterfeit using Sennheiser Authentication Page

How to check my Sennheiser is genuine or counterfeit using Sennheiser Authentication Page Please enter the label ID which can be found above the QR-Code. You can use some QR code reader to read the code from your label It will bring you to the Sennheiser Authentication Page Now we can check Product Authenticity Now enter the captcha as displayed in the picture on the right You can also check your product information as well Please check: the Security Label on the product you requested must show the code #Sennheiser #headset #genuine Well done, my product is genuine Please subscribe for more videos at The PMX 95 is a contemporary, urbane model that features an ergonomic neckband for superior comfort and a secure fit. The single-sided anti-friction cable allows the wearer maximum freedom of movement while enjoying lush stereo sound on the go, and the soft, rotatable ear cups are easily adjustable. Technical data for PMX 95 are not showing on the site so you can find here FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15Hz - 27000Hz SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (SPL) 114dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms) IMPEDANCE 32 Ω


Allen Kelley: How can a customer tell if the microphone itself is genuine? Sorry but a genuine manufacturer package don't totally impress me.

William Symes: What is this music?

Tushar Patil: What to do with senhiser cx 213?
It does not come with qr code

Souvik Biswas: Thank you.

Flisker: This doesn't seem to work anymore, I always end up on : and I can't check my code....

kaka: It does run into the page at 0:40. The link "" always shows when I check. There are something wrong?

Salih Özdemir: It is useless, I bought a pair of IE800 clone from China. And it passed the test.

Anand Pratap: Right earphone very low sound Wt hpnd to it

bottomendbliss: Great authentic box.

Min Min: What about a seller actually selling fake earphones with authentic box? is there any way to distinguish the authentication? by for example comparing serial numbers on earphones to those on the box?

Joe Dominic: As I was going through the steps for my code, it indicated that "This code has been checked quite often and is suspicious"
After checking to make sure all the letters & numbers matched, I clicked 'YES' & it showed that mine are authentic(?)

Now, I'm wondering if the fake ones now have copied authentic code stickers as well???
Guess I'll find out when I try them on later & find out for myself if they sound anything special ¯\(ツ)

Rahul Tambat: thanks

HaseAufCrack | LoL Montages: Site from sennheiser is not working

Вова Савченко: No QR no HD 218. I saw unpacking on YouTube and there was same thing.

Rajesh Raj: Is that qr code available on sennheiser cx 180 packing? I dint find on my box

Dikke Boktor: FINALLY now we can now if a product we buy is fake or not we don't have to look in to fucking little details ffs