Honda AQUATRAX F-12X Turbo

Honda Aquatrax F-12X River Run


2vortec: Kill the music, dear god!

Joseph Lamusta: Best video ever? Looking to buy an Aquatrax would you recommend? I’ve probably watched your video 20 times

Pewds: Why do you own a purple jet ski?

Pewds: Man stop filming on a sock

Pewds: Ew disgusted by the poor quality

Pewds: I spit on this trash

Alex C.: Cool ski not a cool song

Gooody17: This video was shot on a potato

Jeff: Nice video ! I made one of me and my buddys went out in the sea those jetskis are awesome

Element of Kindness: Geezus. Does everyone have to put annoying music over their videos.

Casper H: why the fuckin music...your nothing special

Jeff Moscrop: Awesome video!! Thanks.

Scotty Killme: my friend's left a kawisaki waverunner in the mist (no dust on lake LOL)

Steve Sears: Captain douche bag and his dumbass sidekick...

Mark Carpenter: You fliped it back over wrong use the splash wing to stand on and us your wheight to flip it over

Gill Miller: question ??? does your have trim and tilt on the left hand handle bar??? I have a 2004 with no trim and tilt????

Clint Harris: heard the music and stopped watching video

TeeJay: 4500 New. Pieces of shit

TrollMaster300: does it matter if its fresh water or salt?? can you ride them anywhere like rivers and ponds etc?