Forza Motorsport 7 - Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison In 4K/60FPS

Overall, we are very pleased with the console version of Forza Motosport 7. At this point, we will recommend the Xbox One version due to its stable performance. Obviously, the PC version totally trumps its console counterpart, but its performance issues is currently dragging down the experience. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:


RAY NL: I'm sorry. All I see is the racing line and that 3rd person view. That is horrible. Can't look passed that.

GreenMoosen: heres a tip for next time you make a pc/xbox comparison side-by-side:
1. line up the videos so that the cars are on the same point on the track for most of the side-by-side
2. dont make the xbox screen bigger... it just seems like favoritism and its really not fair to the pc, make the screens the same size

Robo Mnemonic: Improve reflections on Pc?? I played it all max on Pc and the reflections si the exact same as on Xbox one s

Millenia Williams: Forza 7 makes DRM Sport look like a re-master of a PS3 game!!

Awakened: GTR 4 LIFE

xbox fanboy: Pc is more weaker than xbox one x xbox one x beats all pc in power and graphics

kiop901: Gimp the pc version to validate the xbox one x

Djole2pistolja: Gran Turismo Sport is better looking game and Project cars 2 also.

TYLERMARTIN: Are you guys gonna do the X One X side by side with the PC?

Terminator T-X3: I’m guessing the game looks.better in person, it doesn’t looks impressive in the video.

darkmadrap: 2:13 - 2:26 Beefy Pc OMG ROFL / LMFAO WTF NO!!! . if these specs are beefy as you say then my i7 4770k oc @ 4.6Ghz 16Gb DDR3 1866 Mhz Cas 10 and my GTX 1080 FTW from EVGA is a N.A.S.A supercomputer :D now tell me the fail he just said

paccacio 29: Better on console

cuda core: Pc version is using only one core. I have 1080ti nd this problem is real plz turn 10 make another u turn like VIP pass nd fix pc port stop being greedy. Something tells me this isn't going to be fixed at least until xbx1x comes out.

Piers Lehmann: it'd be interesting to see project cars 2 vs FOrza on the same tracks if thats even possible ?

3dkiller: console graphics is meehhhh, pc owns!.

Water 8962: Game runs great on pc with 1070 nvidia on 4k. But it looks good on the xbox to. If only they did not go with lootboxes and removing options.

T7 NiA: memory :16 gb of gddr4 , bruhh please

Corey Massey: Oh great another poorly done console port. Considering how long it took for Microsoft and Turn 10 to patch the last Forza I guess I'll be getting this game in 2019.....maybe by then they will have completely patched out the Microtransactions

Bartosz Skorupa: Nobody cares about this. We need a true comparison in 4K/60FPS of opening lootboxes

The BroMar: I don't understand the comparison. Which Xbox One were they using? They never specify.