'Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack' - Full Vinyl Soundtrack by The Blasting Company

Complete rip of the Mondo Tees pressing of the "Over the Garden Wall" soundtrack. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoJXYRgEsFlnpUgR-HVUjY4yzhT7 My Setup: Audio Technica LP120 turntable Grado Black cartridge Yamaha R-S201 receiver Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers Douk Audio Mini 6J1 Tube Amplifier Follow on Twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks at upcoming videos: https://www.instagram.com/_inthegroove_/ https://twitter.com/_IntheGroove_ Track Listing: 1. Prelude - 0:00 2. Into the Unknown - 1:35 3. You Have Beautiful Eyes - 3:05 4. Pottsfield CM - 4:37 5. Patient is the Night - 6:08 6. Adelaide Parade - 7:35 7. Money For School - 9:14 8. Ms Langtree's Lament - 10:30 9. Potatoes & Molasses - 12:58 10. Off to Bed - 14:10 11. The Beast is Out There - 15:15 12. The Highwayman - 16:02 13. A Courting Song - 16:33 14. Endicott Manor - 17:55 15. The Journey Begins - 18:58 16. Half Moon River - 19:48 17. McLaughlin Bros Jug Band - 20:47 18. Over the Garden Wall - 21:25 19. Send Me a Peach - 23:12 20. Adelaide's Trap - 25:15 21. Like Ships - 27:27 22. More Bones to Sort - 27:56 23. Old North Wind - 28:50 24. Forward, Oneiroi - 29:52 25. The Fight is Over - 31:25 26. Tiny Star - 32:43 27. Old Black Train - 34:25 28. The Old Mill - 36:40 29. Come Wayward Souls / Potatus et Molassus - 38:04 30. One is a Bird - 42:18 31. End Credits - 43:57


In the Groove: The LP has been repressed and is available to purchase here!!


Anabel yasmin: El medio sounddtrack!!!!!! las medias voces :o los instrumentos, la opera, todo todo hermosooooooo

AmAnDa CiPhEr: Músicas ótimas pra estudar, amo Over the Garden Wall

Rossey_ Star2468: What genre is "Patience is the night"? If I may ask?

whomst'dve: Some of these songs feel like home, others feel very autumnal, some feel haunting, some are a mix of the above. My favorite is Old black train :)

C -J: thank you!

Pinkamena Polska: this reminds me so much of my childchood. This cartoon and soundtrack, even though it's from american cartoon I can really imagine my little, 6 year old self sitting down at 7 waiting for cartoons for the night, sipping milk and looking at Reksio or Filemon (old Polish cartoons) in my grandmothers house. God, I miss those days...

L. P.: Why Potatoes and Molasses haven't a full version? (whiteout the "That's enough!")

Trinity Halsey: Who could even dislike this video?!?!?! The soundtrack is perfect!

Leo G: Finally got mine

Lego IG-88: Just what I needed.

kittycat pop pop: I cry so much because I remember this show in 2014 and I still watch it it feels like a true story

Victor Franco Ibarra: Las voces dobladas al latino son impresionantes

jaco 007_: Please remove those ads, the music stops every five minutes

Nona39: I want to buy this vinyl so bad, but I don't have anything to play it on!!! What is a decent record player option for someone on a budget? Or would it be best to simply buy the digital version?

Apricock: the loveliest,


of alllLllLlLLLllLLlLLLllllLLlllllLLLLlLLllllllllll

Eleanor Arias: It's almost time to binge watch this series again...

Victorian In Disguise: Too bad people on Ebay are selling the vinyl at a $300 minimum.

MusicSavvy0419: THANK. YOU. ❤❤

Shiro Nanori 97: 32:43 no la habia escuchado antes en la serie oco !!!

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